Best Places For A Family Picnic In Singapore

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Don't know what to have for lunch or dinner? How about spicing things up with a picnic? Here is a list of places you may consider heading to! 

Deciding on what to have for a meal can be one of the most stressful things to consider daily. Have you considered having a picnic? Pack your favourite food and drinks, and enjoy a day out in the sun with the family! We have prepared a list of places that you may wish to consider heading to for a family picnic! 

If you need help on what to prepare, you may want to check out this list of 6 easy-to-prepare recipes for families or follow these 10 IG-mummies for kids-friendly recipes ideas! 

*Do take note of any safe-distancing restrictions when visiting the parks.

East Coast Park

We will start with one of the most popular parks in Singapore, East Coast Park! Here you can enjoy a picnic on the beach and couple it with a visit to the massive playgrounds at Marine Cove and Coastal Playgrove or to cycle through this 15km park. If you don't feel like packing food, you may also purchase food from any of the F&B establishments that can be found in the park! We highly recommend visiting Raintree Cove if you are looking for a quieter part of the park. 

West Coast Park

Not as popular as it's cousin in the East, West Coast Park is a great picnic spot with it's massive play and open spaces! Kids will adore the playground with its flying fox, swings, pirate ship structure, rope climbing pyramids, slides and more! There are plenty of open spaces to spread out your picnic mat, on the sand or on the grass, or to settle in on one of the many benches available too. Head to the main play area where you will find a McDonald's (for food top-ups) and bathrooms too!

Jurong Lake Garden

Photo Credits: NParks

Another awesome spot is Jurong Lake Gardens where kids can enjoy outdoor play at the Forest Ramble playground with huge slides, rope courses, see-saws and swings, as well as to cool off at the water play area, Clusia Cove. Your best spot for a picnic will be at Clusia Cove as it is shaded and next to the bath rooms (Forest Ramble offers little shade). The park also offer shaded area that is away from the play areas and will be great for families looking for a quieter experience. 

We like to also give a shoutout to the ABC Waters at Jurong Lake as a possible venue for picnics. We have not been ourselves, so we are looking forward to anyone sharing their experience in the community!

*Clusia Cove is currently closed due to safe-distancing measures. 

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Photo Credits: NParks

With 3 play areas, including a wet play, and its pond gardens, scenic bridges and open green spaces, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is a one of the best neighbourhood parks to go for a picnic! You won't find benches or tables, but lots of open grassy areas for you to spread the mat and start a picnic. Depending on which part of the park you are at, you can also visit McDonald's or Grub if you prefer to not to pack your own food. 

Gardens by the Bay 

There are multiple spots that you can enjoy a picnic at Gardens by the Bay, this includes at the Supertree Grove, Children's Garden or simply just around the gardens. We recommend the Far East Organisation Children's Garden as it offers plenty of play spots and a sheltered auditorium that you can set up your picnic at. Bathrooms are also conveniently located nearby too. 

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Photo Credits: NParks

The sprawling grounds of the Singapore Botanic Gardens offer many great spots for picnics. We recommend the open grass area infront of the Shaw Symphony Stage (we use to love heading here for picnics and concerts). Another area to consider is the lawns at the Eco-Lake where you can picnic will enjoying a view of the lake. 

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Jacob Ballas Children's Garden deserves a dedicated mention since it is a garden designed for children! Here you will find lots of shaded areas and benches to have a picnic. You can try heading to the gardens, the Nature Play Pavillion or just explore the 8 zones within the park and you may find hidden spots! 


Photo Credits: Sentosa

With it's sprawling beaches, Sentosa offers great spots along its coast for a picnic and for capturing the picture-perfect memory too, this includes Siloso and Palawan beaches. Just remember to reserve your spot for visiting the beach if you are heading in on a weekend. Apart from the beaches, you may want to have a picnic along the nature trails and scenic treetop walk at Fort Siloso, or at a spot around Resorts World Sentosa. In fact, there are many F&B establishments where you can purchase food for a last minute picnic too! If it all fails, dining at one of the many beachfront restaurants is a great alternative. 

Labrador Nature Reserves

Back on mainland Singapore, you may choose to picnic at Labrador Nature Reserves too. While much of the sea-facing parts of the park is not shaded, you may want to head over to the sandy playground with the machine gun bunker where it is shaded. Kids can have fun at the playground while the picnic can be at the nearby hut or just around the play area. 

Marina Barrage

Photo Credit: Families for Life

The rooftop of the Marina Reservoir is a nice place to have a picnic while enjoying a view of Singapore. While the open spaces on Marina Barrage is great for kids to run around, but it is not well shaded (just a little spot near the entrance), you may wish to visit in the evenings instead - and you will get rewarded by the amazing view of the lighted Singapore skyline. Otherwise, families may choose to picnic at the ground level where it is more well shaded. 

Families may also fly a kite too! Get your kites by purchasing them online from Decathlon! Search for kite and see a full list of kites!

Fort Canning Park

The nature play area, Jubilee Park, at Fort Canning Park is a nice place for families. The play area offers slides, swings and other nature-themed play equipment. While the play area is not well shaded, families can have fun before heading into Fort Canning Park to picnic at along the lawns of Fort Canning Green or at the many benches available. 


The best spots for a picnic at HortPark will be at HortLawn which is close to the entrance and at the huts near to the children's playground too. The park is a great place to explore and don't miss a visit to the Nature Playgarden for play time in nature too. 


Sembawang Park


Photo Credits: Playpoint

One of the most underrated parks in Singapore, Sembawang Park offers a sea-view, plenty of benches and huts, BBQ pits and even a massive battleship playground for kids to play in too. There is also Beaulieu House, first built in the 1910s and now used as an F&B establishment that offers a sea view while dining in.


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