East Coast Park | A Family's Guide To Singapore's Most Popular Park In The East

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Stretching 15-km from Changi to Marina Bay is Singapore's most popular park, East Coast Park (ECP). A familiar name and sight for almost all Singaporeans, here's what families can do at ECP! 

Every Singaporean must have visited East Coast Park (ECP) once. Perhaps it was to play on the beach, visit the playgrounds, have a BBQ or to have a sea-side meal. If you have visited as a kid or during courtship, but have not yet visited since having your own family, here's a guide for what families can do at ECP. 

Places that we will be introducing include 

  • Coastal Playgrove
  • Marine Cove
  • Raintree Cove
  • Road Safety Community Park
  • Cyclist Park
  • Parklane Green
  • PAssion WaVe @ East Coast
  • Changi Jurassic Mile

Before we start, if you are looking to cycle through the park, don't forget to checkout our guide for bicycle rentals at East Coast Park. 

Coastal Playgrove

Located at Area B, Carpark B2, Coastal Playgrove is the latest family venue to be added to East Coast Park. This massive playground consist of a 4 storey-high vertical challenge with slides off the 3rd and 4th storey of the structure! The slides have a height of 7.3m and 11.9m respectively.

Apart from the Vertical Challenge, kids may also play at the water play area, nature playgarden and sand-play area too! If you are planning to spend a couple of hours here, you will also find dining options including a Burger King and Old Town White Coffee. 

Marine Cove 

Another massive playground is located at East Coast Park Area C. Marine Cove is a family-friendly venue with a playground and dining establishments for families to enjoy a great time out! 

The highlight of the playground is the 3,500 sqm play tower with 3 slides at different heights! While not as tall as those at Coastal Playgrove, these are still as exciting for the kids (and parents keen to give it a try)! 

Another interesting play element at Marine Cove is the suspended rope bridges that kids have to brave through to enter the tower! While many kids may get frighten the first time, but it is great to watch kids overcome their fear and brave on!

The Marine Cove Children's Playground is located at Area C, between carpark C2 and C3. 

Raintree Cove

A small swings-only play and relax venue is available at Raintree Cove, also located at Area C. Perfect for those who prefer a quieter and more tranquil experience at the park. 

Located near to Marine Cove, Raintree Cove offers a row of red swings with different swing types. You will find swings like a netted basket, a hammock swing and normal swings to just chill in the sea-breeze. Also located around Raintree Cove are seated swings for families to share a bonding session together! 

Road Safety Park

Many parents may have memories of the Road Safety Park as a child. Did you know that the park is still available and open to the public? Admission is free, but you will have to bring your own bikes and kick scooter (no electric vehicles allowed). 

While the Road Safety Park does not seem well-maintained, the existing amenities make it an interesting venue for kids to familiarise themselves to the road markings, traffic lights and zebra crossings, and to pick up road safety habits. 

The Road Safety Park is located at Area B, near to Carpark B2 and next to Coastal Playgrove. 

Cyclist Park

Located at Area D, Cyclist Park is a 5.4-hectare hub for cyclists. Here, you will find 2 cycling circuits (one for beginners and the other for advance riders), a nature playgarden for little ones to play at, restaurants, a 7-11 store and a bicycle shop too! 

It's usually not as crowded as the other play venues at East Coast Park and may be a good venue to head to for a meal! There a halal restaurant, K.N.S, and a cafe, P.S. Cafe located here. 

Parklane Green

Photo Credits: The Ordinary Patrons

Parklane Green is a food and lifestyle hub located at East Coast Park Area C. Here, you will find a selection of family-friendly beach restaurants, cafes and shops - a perfect venue for families to kickback and relax, either by the beach or at one of the alfresco dining options available. There is also a washing area available for the kids to clean up! 

Some of the restaurants available at Parklane Green include, Cheers-Killiney Cafe, Starbucks Coffee, Basil & Thyme, Atmosphere Bistro and Sandbank. Those with fur-friends will also be happy to note that many of these restaurants are pet-friendly too. 

PAssion WaVe @ East Coast

Photo Credit: PAssion WaVe

Located just 5-mins from Carpark F3 is PAssion WaVe @ East Coast. PAssion WaVes are managed by the People's Association and offer watersports experiences to the community. PAssion WaVe @ East Coast is particularly known for offering beginners Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddling courses at an affordable rate. 

While PAssion Wave @ East Coast does not offer kayaking courses, the other PAssion WaVes do, and you are looking to do kayaking with the family, here's a guide to kayaking in Singapore for families. 

Changi Jurassic Mile

While technically not part of East Coast Park, the Changi Jurassic Mile is easily accessible from East Coast Park via the Changi Airport Connector. You may even rent a bicycle from GoCycling at East Coast Park, and return at the GoCycling outlet at Hub & Spoke, Changi Terminal 2. Check out the outlet details in our list of Bicycle Rental at East Coast Park. 

Through your biking journey, you will come face-to-face with over 20 dinosaur statues, even with a T-Rex towering over you! We strongly encourage lots of photos as you pass through the various dinosaurs. 

Things To Bring To East Coast Park

We recommend the usual sunblock, hats and umbrellas. You will also want to bring along insect repellent, change of clothes and sand play equipment too. Bringing along a backpack will be helpful if you intend to move to different part of the park. 

How To Get To East Coast Park

The easiest way to get there is by driving and parking at one of the 10+ carparks along the length of the park. Carparks closer to "attractions" are usually chargeable, and if you don't mind a walk, the carparks further away are usually free. 

The nearest MRT station to the park is Bedok MRT. There are multiple bus services that will bring your within walking distance of the park, or Bus Service 401 services the East Coast Park Service Rd. on weekends. 


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