Cyclist Park At East Coast Park - For Beginners and Expert Cyclists!

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Located at Area D of East Coast Park, the Cyclist Park is the perfect venue for families on a cycling trip to take a break, or for young cyclist to practice their cycling techniques! 

Venue: Area D, East Coast Park (near to D3 Carpark)
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Admission: Free

East Coast Park houses so much to do for families. Families can visit the massive playgrounds at Marine Cove and the Coastal Playgrove, enjoy a visit to the Road Safety Park, or simply rent a bicycle to cycle through the park (you may even ride from East Coast Park to the Changi Jurassic Mile)! 

As you ride through the park, you may also wish to make a pitstop at the 5.4-hectare East Coast Cyclist Park, a one-stop hub for cyclists along the Round-Island-Route (RIR) that is located at Area D along the park. 

What To Expect At The Cyclist Park? 

You will find 2 cycling circuits, the Learner Circuit and Advanced Circuit, which allow beginners and experienced cyclists to practise various techniques. The Learner Circuit is a 280-metre long track, which includes gentle slopes, flat areas and a BMX trail for novices to improve riding stability and stamina. The 500-metre long Advanced Circuit contains exciting features such as undulating tracks, sharp turns, gradual granite steps and a narrow bridge for more confident cyclists to hone their techniques.

The kids will also enjoy the nature playgarden complete with a mini-obstacle course, while parents can look forward to the F&B and retail outlets. 

Learner Circuit - For Beginners

The 280-metre long Learner Circuit is designed for beginners to train their balance and stamina, with its gentle slopes and slight narrowing of tracks at strategic points within the circuit. It also features a gently contoured terrain where beginners can challenge themselves further and practice basic bicycle motocross (BMX) skills.

This is useful for the young kids who have just started riding or even for the young ones on balance bikes too!

Advance Circuit - For Challengers

Train your manoeuvring skills along the 500-metre long Advanced Circuit. The Advanced Circuit challenges cycling enthusiasts with features such as the undulating pump track and bridge, zig-zag columns, a narrow bridge, sharp turns and more.

The pump tracks are definitely a draw where riders can challenge themselves on the humps! 

Nature Playgardens - For Young Ones

The 500 sqm nature playgarden uses logs to create a play venue for the kids. As with other nature playgardens, the play area encourages children to play among nature. Upcycle logs have been used to create a  mini-obstacle course that enable children to hone their balancing skills as they climb, balance, or jump over the logs. For older kids, one of the logs has been converted into a 1.5-metre tall mini climbing wall.

There's also a sandpit too! So do come appropriately dressed! 

F&B Outlets - For Tired Feet

Photo Credits: PS. Cafe

There are several F&B options, including PS. Cafe by the Sea and the halal restaurant, KNS Restaurant. For a snack or drink, you may wish to pop into the 7-Eleven located at the park too! 

Otherwise, you may take a short walk away from the Cyclist Park to the East Coast Lagoon Food Village or venture further to the other areas around East Coast Park. 

Renting a Bike

If you don't have a bike, you may wish to rent a bike. The nearest bicycle rental are at Raintree Cove at Area C or at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village at Area E (depending on which direction you are coming from). 

Getting To The Cyclist Park

Cyclist Park is located at East Coast Park Area D and is accessible via East Coast Park Service Road. It is accessible via the underpass linking Mandarin Gardens to D3 Carpark and via Siglap Park Connector. The nearest bus stop can be found next to D3 Carpark and is served by bus 401.

Photo Credits: NParks (unless otherwise stated)



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