Anchorvale Village - Free Outdoor Sunken Pirate Ship Playground on Level 4

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Discover a free outdoor playground on level 4 of the newly opened Anchorvale Village!

Venue: 339 Anchorvale Rd, Level 4, Singapore 540339
Opening Hours: 8 am - 10 pm

Located opposite Farmway LRT, Anchorvale Village is a 4-storey mall that recently opens. The mall offers a number of family-friendly F&B options and amenities, including an open-air playground on level 4 that is open to public! 

*Do note that the playground was not fully ready when we visited on 22 May 2024 with bins still wrapped in plastic and seats still being finished. 

Roof Garden and Playground  

Designed with a focus on providing ample spaces for community bonding, the Anchorvale Village features a community plaza space on the first storey, as well as landscaped spaces at the roof garden, which includes a fitness station and playground

A Sunken Pirate Ship

Located on Level 4, and accessible via the lift or staircase, the playground looks like a pirate ship that has came too close to land and sunk - that's why we are calling this the Sunken Pirate Ship Playground at Anchorvale Village!

At one end of the playground, you will find ropes and crow nest (the pirate ship's lookout point) sticking out of the ground, it looks like the rest of the ship has sunk underneath the "waters". Children can go on a climbing adventure by challenging the netted climbing ropes, and to make their way up the crow nest for a view across the playground! 

Land Ahoy - Tropical Island

By crossing the balancing flower steps, children can make their way to the other side of the playground structure. This part of the playground looks like a little hut on a tropical island with palm trees surrounding the hut! 

Climb onto the main play structure and you will discover various obstacles as you navigate between the "trunks" of the palm tree. Conquer the obstacles to make your way to the main trunk! 

There will also be steps, climbing walls and more for kids to get onto the island before sliding down the little green slides or the yellow curvy tube ones! 

While the playground is stated as designed for 5-12 years old but there is something for all ages. Small slides, spinning things, flower steps, slides and more to encourage jumping and climbing. 

Another Playground on Level 3 

We also spotted another playground outside the upcoming preschool at Level 3. We believe the ship-themed playground will not be open to public. 

What to Bring

As the playground is not sheltered, we highly recommend children to be dressed in light materials, have their water bottles, and be properly covered in sun screen. Parents should also come with hats or umbrellas to shield yourselves from the sun too! 

Bringing an extra set of clothes and having insect repellent will be useful too. 


The playground is located at Level 4 of Anchorvale Village, 339 Anchorvale Rd, Singapore 540339. 



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