Marsiling Park Playgrounds - Butterfly Playground, Musical Instruments and More

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Marsiling Park offers not one but 4 play experiences for families to create more family fun! 

Venue: Marsiling Park, Woodlands Centre Rd, Singapore 738930
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Admission: Free

Marsiling Park may not be the most popular park with families, but you may change your mind after reading this! The park is home to 4 play areas, including the iconic Butterfly Playground, each play area offers a unique experience for little ones and their families to have fun! 

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Butterfly Playground

Located beside the Butterfly Corner is a giant butterfly play structure with ropes and nets for children to climb and swing on! Climb up the yellow structure and climb around the ropes, or take a break on the rope swings under the butterfly wings! 

The playground is just beside the Marsiling Park Lake, giving you a scenic view while the kids are playing! 

Musical Playground 

At the musical playground, families will find various percussion instruments that little ones can play with. This includes drums and several xylophone-like instruments. 

Within the same venue, you will also find a play structure consisting of a play tower where little ones can climb up and slide own. There are 2 slides on the structure. 

There are also little mushrooms and a crocodile across the floor for little ones to cross - a great chance to pretend crossing the river or to play "the floor is lava"! 

Climbing Web Playground 

Photo Credits: The Gees Travel

Photo Credits: Semec Enterprise

At this play venue, you will find a web-like obstacle course for kids to traverse along! With rope tunnels and rope walls, kids will get a chance to show off their balance and climbing skills as they make their way through the course. 

Ribbon Playscape

Photo Credits: Semec Enterprise

Photo Credits: Semec Enterprise

Ribbon Playscape consist of several tubes and swings for parents and kids to take a seat, and to take in the nature. 


Photo Credits: The Gees Travel

While there are seating available throughout the park, most of the play spaces are unsheltered and we recommend coming in the early mornings or evenings when it is less sunny. 

There is a toilet near the Musical Playground, and a Mr Teh Tarik Cartel, next to Ribbon Playscape, serves food and drinks (and is air-conditioned too). 

Things to Bring

As the playgrounds are relatively unsheltered, we highly recommend parents to bring along hats and sunblock for yourselves and the kids. Water bottles and insect repellent are also essential. Otherwise, a towel and change of clothes will be useful too. 


The playgrounds are located at Marsiling Park, Woodlands Centre Rd, Singapore 738930


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