VivoCity Play Court - Playground With Wet and Dry Play!

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Venture to Level 2 of VivoCity and you will find a massive play venue with wet and dry play for kids to run riot, and for parents to take a breather!

*Updated Jan 2023: Water play section reopens

Location: VivoCity | 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585
Date: Daily
Hour: 10 am - 10 pm
Admission: FREE

The play venue at VivoCity, Play Court, includes various play elements for the kids to run, climb, slide and more! The play venue even has a wet play section that children can go splashing in! 

Play Court @ VivoCity

Wet Play Section - Photo from 2017


Getting To The Play Court

Located at the 2nd floor of VivoCity, the Play Court is accessible through various entrances as its in the centre of the mall surrounded by different shops and F&B establishments. 

The Play Court is made up of different sections for the kids. We will make u

Colorful Climbing Structures

These are 7 colorful structures located at the play venue and it isn't clear if they are meant as decorative structures or are part of the playground. 

The kids did not really care as they were climbing up and down these structures. It may not seem like much but the kids looks like they were having fun!


There are 2 slides in the Play Court, one seemed to be for the younger kids while the other for the older.

Play Court @ VivoCity

The difference between the slides is that the one for younger kids does not have sliding poles and swings to play with and seemed to be built for easier climbing. It also comes with a little tunnel that the LOs may run through too!

Play Court @ VivoCity

The slide for the older kids is packed with different play elements! Kids will be running up and sliding down, there are also swings and climbing nets to add to the play experience too! 

Play Court @ VivoCity



There is also a trampoline section for kids (and adults) to jump at! There are 3 trampolines with 2 smaller ones and a large one. If you have younger kids, do take care when they enter the large one as older kids might not notice them as they are jumping.

Water Play Area

Play Court @ VivoCity

Photo and video of the water play section in 2017

It's actually a series of water fountains that changes heights. A simple design that meets the needs of the children! You will often hear their screams of delight as they among the water fountain! 

We note that the water section has reopened in our last visit in Dec 2022. 

Other Play Equipment

At the outdoor play area, you will also find many other play equipment, including a seesaw, a climbing / tunnel structure and a pod that goes round (let's just call it the roundabout pod). 

Play Court @ VivoCity

The roundabout pods are popular with the kids and it is usual to see little ones (and adults) waiting for their turn. Do practice sharing and let others have a chance to play too! 

F&B Establishments

The Play Court is surrounded by a number of F&B establishments that offer outdoor seating and direct access to the playground. This means that parents can have their meal while the kids play - all the time keeping a watchful eye on them too. 

Location of Play Court

The Play Court is located at Level 2 of VivoCity and is accessible by many entrances around the mall. 



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