About Us


Who is BYKidO? 

BYKidO was started with the aim of helping Parents with young kids discover family events and activities. Our vision is to be the go-to Platform to help you bring your kids out!

Our mission, is simply to help more families create family memories! 

BYKidO was started by JR (a father of 2 young Kids) in mid 2016 in sunny Singapore. 

How do we intend to do this? 

To help more Families create their BYKidO Memories

By providing parents with the information of what's going on and where to go, and building a community that supports parents to create family memories. 

Our motivation is to make it easier, more convenient, and more compelling for you to bring your kids out. 

As a parent, I understand that the parenting journey is tough, with many highs and many lows. I hope that through BYKidO, I can help create more highs in your journey!

What other Platforms are BYKidO on? 

bykido.com is a great way to share the information, and perhaps you found us via Google or through a Facebook link - BUT there is much more to BYKidO!

We are also active on

Each of these serves a different purpose on our mission to help you create Family Memories. 

I started BYKidO because I wanted to motivate myself to spend time with my kids, and I believed that many parents wanted that too. Go ahead read us and bring your kids out. 

What's available on bykido.com?

For more details on what we do, visit our FAQ page.

It's my believe that experiences stay with us for a lifetime, thus BYKidO makes an effort to include knowledge of different experiences to create your family memories

BYKidO - We Need Your Support

We started as one person trying to solve one person's problem, but we now have a team (albeit a small one) generating information for a community of over 30,000 parents monthly

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  • Read and Share our content
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  • Contribute your stories and outings
  • Feedback, and help us improve!

Especially if you believe in our mission, and will like to be part of helping other families too, we love to hear from you!

Contribute pictures, write-ups and experiences of your family outings, and we will make sure what you share, becomes motivation for another family’s memories. Find out how to contribute here!

We hope to build a community of parents, businesses and organisations that work together to support our mission to help families create their family memories.


Thank you, now go ahead to Create Your Family Memories!

Jr SignatureFounder | Daddy | Husband