About BYKidO

BYKidO (a play on the phase, Bring Your Kids Out) was started by JR (a father of 2 young Kids) in mid 2016 in sunny Singapore. 


What does BYKidO do? 

BYKidO aims to be the go-to platform for Parents to discover Kids activities and classes and to help you Bring Your Kid Out. 

As parents, we understand that the parenting journey is tough, with many highs and lows throughout the journey. Our aim is to help you through those lows and try create more highs! 

We do this by making it easier to bring your kids out and to create your BYKidO memories. BYKidO offers 3 key services:

  • Promotions: You may choose to purchase a BYKidO Pass to enjoy promotions to over 100 kids activities and classes
  • Ideas:  Read about "Places to Go", "Things to Do", in general, Ideas to help bring your kids out. Ideas are posted daily, sign up for a FREE account to receive our weekly newsletter filled with Ideas!
  • Activities are monthly events organised by BYKidO to help you meet new parents and for you to learn and share parenting tips.  

For more details on what we do, visit our FAQ page.


Why did I start BYKidO?

My kids are my main reason. 

After too many "What should we do now?", I noticed this as a common issue among fellow parents and that when I started to create BYKidO to make it easier for Parents to Bring Your Kids Out!

My boy

Today, our motivation stems from encouragement from fellow Parents who have benefited from what we do. 


Promotions, Ideas and Activities

The website is FREE to view. You may browse all Promotions, read all Ideas and get notified of all Activities. 

In fact, sign up for a FREE account to receive our Weekly Newsletter full of Ideas to Bring Your Kid Out! 

Since you are here, do read our popular "List of Indoor Playgrounds" and "List of Outdoor Playgrounds". 


What is the BYKidO Pass?

The BYKidO Pass is THE PASS for parents looking to save money when you bring your kids out. With the Pass, you will get discounts to indoor playgrounds and local attractions, attend 1 for 1 trials with various sports, music and art schools, and even getaway options at a reduced price!

Passes are valid for a fixed 6 months period (Jan - Jun or Jul - Dec), and once purchased you may redeem ALL Promotions available!

One Pass, Multiple Savings

If you wish to start saving, go ahead and purchase the BYKidO Pass now! Over 100 Kids Activities and Classes are available for you to Bring Your Kid Out to! 


Types of Classes and Activities

BYKidO believes that kids should be exposed beyond traditional learning (tuition and enrichment classes). My aim is for kids to be exposed to different learning activities and experiences from an early age that will shape their lifelong learning journey.

We make an effort to source Partners to support our belief that kids should learn through play, and hope to encourage you to have the same belief.


Our Business Model and Belief

For our business model to succeed, I work towards creating a Triple Win for You, Our Partners and BYKidO.

Our Philosophy

BYKidO grows by helping our Partners achieve their business growth objectives while helping YOU get significant cost savings across our entire list of Promotions! 


What else can we do? 

I believe in the collective strengh, so below are some ways that you can contribute to help more parents

  • Like to share your recent outing? Travel? or just a parenting tip? Send us details (with picture or video) and we will be glad to share this to our audience. We reach over 20,000 parents across our various channels. 
  • Came across a new playground? a sports school? or music & art studio? Let us know and we will reach out to them to get a promotion onboard too! 
  • Give us your feedback and we will take it seriously. The "What's Nearby" Map is a result of a feedback. 

The "What's Nearby" is an interactive map to find activities near you. It currently lists Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds as well as Kids Friendly Restaurants. See the Introductory Video below. 

 If you are using us on your mobile, do click on the "Add to Home Screen" for easier access to us in the future too! 


Like us on Facebook and share us with fellow Mummies and Daddies too! Parenting is tough and I hope BYKidO will give you some relief. 

Thank you, now go ahead to Create Your BYKidO Memories!