About Us

Who is BYKidO? 

A multi-channel platform aimed at helping families discover and create their next family memory. We create and share content across our App, web, social media, mailing list and partners to help parents find the latest places to go and the best things to do with their families. 

Jr, father of 2 young kids, started BYKidO in 2016 with the mission to help more families create their next Family Memory. 

"We cannot solve many parenting issues, nor are we able to make you go out. But with BYKidO, I hope that at least not knowing where to go or what to do, will not be the issue"

How does BYKidO help?

By providing parents with the information of what's going on and where to go, and by building a community that supports parents in bringing their kids out. We aim to make it easier, more convenient, cheaper and more compelling for you to bring your kids out. 

We started in Singapore helping Singaporeans find events and experiences locally, and is looking to expand the information and community within the region to help regional parents locally, and when they travel too! 

What is BYKidO? 

We are an App, website, social media page, influencer, newsletter and partner with various businesses. All coming together to help you create your next Family Memory. 

Our website, bykido.com, is a great resource with lots of articles of places to go including our reviews, shared content, and recommendations. Our other channels are listed below:

Each of these are great for a variety of reason, the App is a full listing of what's happening, our IG page showcases places we go, the newsletter summarises the weekly recommendations and our Facebook shares all the interesting stuff that we do! 

    For more details on what we do, visit our FAQ page.

    It's my believe that experiences stay with us for a lifetime, thus BYKidO makes an effort to include knowledge of different experiences to create your family memories

    A Parenting Community Helping Each Other

    We started as one person trying to solve one person's problem, but we now create content and information for a community of over 50,000 parents monthly

    Believe in what we do and want to help? Simply tell your fellow parents about us, share what we do and let more people benefit from our content. 

    Give us feedback - help us improve and be better, so that we may help more families create their next family memory! 

    You may also contribute your own memories and experiences to motivate others to create theirs. Share your memory, and help create others. Find out how to contribute here!



    Thank you, now lets go discover our next Family Memory!

    Jr SignatureFounder | Daddy | Husband