Creating Stronger Families - One Post At A Time...

BYKidO is a community for parents to discover events and experiences for the family! Through our various channels, we are on a mission to create stronger families - one post at a time. 

We started in 2016 as a website and Facebook page. By sharing places to go and things to do, we provided relevant information to encourage families to bring their kids out. By 2020, over 100,000 parents use us across multiple platforms including a website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram. Not only benefiting from content about places to go and things to do, but also content to help create happier families. 

And by late 2021, we decided to build and expand our Shop offering, and to provide families with a one-stop venue to discover family and kids-friendly deals and promotions. 

Discover us on the following channels

  • Facebook, for sharing of written content, pictures, videos and Live.
  • Instagram, for sharing of pictures and IGTV
  • YouTube, for sharing of videos
  • Telegram, for sharing of promotions and deals
  • Newsletter, for weekly updates¬†

Creating Stronger Families

Just like having a child, our dreams and aspiration for BYKidO has followed a consistent direction and developed with time. 

Today, BYKidO hopes to help build stronger families through the sharing of relevant content and services. By giving parents the appropriate information, we want to help build stronger families - one post at a time. 

Join Our Village

Just like we are making changes one post at a time, we are inviting you to join our community too! If it take a village to raise a child, come and be part of our village. Contribute to our village, and help the next parent!

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