About Us

Who is BYKidO? 

We are a platform for parents to discover events and experiences for the family! By creating and sharing information across our media channels, and by helping parents get the best deals, we hope to make your parenting journey more fun! 

From the latest places to go, to the best things to do... we want to make it easier for you to bring your kid out! 

"We cannot solve many parenting issues, but with BYKIDO, I hope having fun as a family will not be an issue". 
Jr, Founder, Daddy and Hubby

What does BYKidO do?

We Educate, Entertain and Excite parents with information of what to do and where to go! We are a community of young parents helping other parents bring their kids out - by making it easier, more convenient, and cheaper! 

Today we are share content across Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan and Taiwan with more cities to be added over time! We want to be there for you when you are home, and when you travel too! 

Where is BYKidO?

We are a website, social media pages, eCommerce platform, influencer, newsletters and partner of various businesses. 

We give you the latest happenings on Facebook, share pictures and videos on Instagram, pass you the best deals on Telegram, offer you tickets via our website and App, and so much more! 

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    We believe that memories stay with us for a lifetime, and we want to help you create your next family memory!

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    Thank you, now lets go create your next family fun!

    Jr SignatureFounder | Daddy | Husband