Road Safety Park At East Coast Park - Safe Riding For Kids

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The Road Safety Park at East Coast Park is open for the public to visit. While you no longer get to choose your role, it still presents a space for kids to learn about road safety. 

Venue: 910 ECP, Singapore 449889
Opening Hours: 24hrs
Admission: Free

Located next to the Coastal PlayGrove, the Road Safety Park or Road Safety Community Park represents a memory for a generation of parents who have visited as children. Many of us may remember being assigned the dreaded role of pedestrian while our friends were riding their fancy bicycles and go-carts. 

What To Expect At The Road Safety Park? 

The Road Safety Park was originally opened to educate children on road safety by giving them a sense of how to use the road. While parents may remember heading down for school trips, but it appears that the park is now open for visit at anytime for free! There is no guided experience when you visit nor are there bicycles or go-carts available for rental too. You will have to bring your own vehicle (bicycle or kick scooter), but do note that no electric vehicles are allowed in the park. 

The park consist of a network of "roads" that allows kids to familiarise themselves to the road markings, traffic lights and zebra crossings. On your own vehicles, you may even fill up your "fuel tank" at the mock-up Shell Station too. 

For pedestrians, you may choose to walk up the miniature overhead bridge or "wait" for a bus at the bus stop located within the park. For parents, you will probably find yourself strolling or chasing through the park as your kids navigate the roads. 

*Note that the park was not well-maintain when we visited in May 2021. Traffic lights were not working and the roads had cracks and pot-holes too. We advise caution when playing here. 

Road Safety Park to Undergo Revamp

As reported on CNA in Dec 2023, the Singapore Police Force will be looking to¬†‚Äúredevelop and modernise‚ÄĚ the Road Safety Community Park in the coming years "to adapt to the evolving road and traffic environment".

‚ÄúWe plan to host families so that the children can learn road safety education alongside their parents and their grandparents,‚ÄĚ said Superintendent Jimmy Law, commanding officer of the traffic police‚Äôs road safety branch.

More details on the modernisation plan and timeline will be announced once relevant studies have been completed. In the meantime, you may wish to also consider a visit to Kumpung Siglap where you will find a Road-Safety themed playground with working traffic lights! 

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How To Get To The Road Safety Park? 

The park can be accessed from the beachfront or from the main entrance facing the road. There are free, but limited, parking lots located right at the park's entrance. You can find the park next to Coastal PlayGrove. 

If you need an address, the Road Safety Park is located at 910 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449889, near carpark B2.


Another piece of advice, remember to be adequately protected against mosquitoes when visiting! Have other suggestions? Share it with us on our social media too!



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