Road Safety Playground And More @ Kampung Siglap

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The Kampung Siglap Lifeskill Training & Retreat Centre comes with a playground with traffic signs, zebra crossing and working traffic lights as well as many more facilities for families!

Venue: 10 La Salle Street, Singapore 456933
Opening Hours: 8 am - 10 pm
Admission: Free

Kampung Siglap is a first-of-its-kind life skills training and retreat centre, but beyond it's "business" element, the venue is a great place for families to visit with an outdoor playground, basketball court, futsal court and cafe! It is quiet with lots of open spaces for families and kids to enjoy a leisure time! 

Road-Safety Themed Outdoor Playground

The most family-friendly element will be the outdoor playground with a road system that runs around it. While it is not as big and extensive as the Road Safety Park at East Cosat Park, the playground boast a working traffic light, traffic signs and a zebra crossing too! The traffic lights work like actual ones with red and green man for pedestrians, as well as red, amber and green to control the traffic! Here, children can learn about road safety while they play! 

In the middle of the playground is a colourful pyramid climbing structure for kids to climb and monkey around. From the top, kids can slide down on one of the 2 slides. Kids may also climb into the vehicle-themed spring-rides located at the park too. 

Basketball Court, Futsal Court And More

At Kampung Siglap, you will also find a basketball court, futsal court, badminton and sepak takraw court too. You may simply drop in and if they are available, they are free to use. You may also wish to book the basketball and futsal courts online, there will be a fee for bookings. 

  • Basketball Court: $150 (4hr) / $300 (8hr)
  • Futsal Court: $200 (4hr) / $400 (8hr)

Around the venue, you will also find lots of outdoor seating and spaces to chill while the kids run riot. 

Cafe with Daily Specials


For parents who prefer air-conditioning, K.S Cafe located at the main building serves daily specials from $9.90 for lunch and $11.90 for dinner. This consist of the daily special meal and a hot drink, or simply head in for a cold drink and away from the sun! 

Where Is it?


Kampung Siglap is located at 10 La Salle Street, Singapore 456933. The carpark is open from 8 am to 10 pm every day. 

Tip: You may also park outside, along the road too. 

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