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We prepared a list of venues with outdoor spaces where kids can run and play! This includes Malls, Cafes, Parks, Playgrounds and more!

From babies to toddlers to kids, the little ones are often bursting with energy! We have compiled a list of venues with big open spaces where the kids can expense the energy! 

We tried to keep the list interesting with different venues types for different occasions! If you have something else to share, tell us in the comments below!

Parks and Playgrounds

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is known for the towering SuperTrees but apart from the trees, Gardens by the Bay boost also the open spaces and the huge Far East Organisation Children's Garden with water play, sand play and toddler play too!

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West Coast Park

If you are looking for a larger play venue, you have to head down to West Coast Park! In our opinion, it is probably the LARGEST outdoor play venue in Singapore with lots of play structures! 

East Coast Park

We definitely cannot leave out East Coast Park when it comes to huge open outdoor spaces! This popular park stretches 15 km and has the most amenities of all the parks! 

Here you can rent a bicycle, play at the beach, build sandcastles, visit the playground or enjoy an alfresco dining experience too! 

Jurong Lake Garden 

Newly opened in 2019, Jurong Lake Garden includes both a dry and wet play area for the little ones! Not only will they get to jump and play at the play areas, the tracks around the park allows for cycling and scooting too! 

Botanic Gardens

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Botanic Gardens not just provides the space for families to have fun but often hold concerts and other activities to entertain visitors. Pack a picnic and have a day of fun and sun at the gardens! 

Marina Barrage 

If you are not an expert in kite flying, you will probably think it involves running with the kite dangling behind. While kite flying (usually) does not need to be, but the kids will have fun running around trying to get their kites in the sky! 

Note: Careful with all the running around and other strings. If not careful, kids can get hurt when they run across other strings. 

Nearby Park / Playground  


Usually the kids are find just to head down to a the playground downstairs or across the street. Sometimes, the nearby ones can be quite a gem too!  Or check out our list of Top 10 Outdoor Playgrounds for some ideas! 

Cafes and Restaurants

Wheeler's Estate

Enjoy an alfresco dining experience at the Alfresco Cafe by the Lawn. Next to the lawn is an open space where activities such as movie screenings and live bands will usually be held. 

And if you are looking for more playground fun, the Aeroplane-themed playground at The Oval is outside the cafe too!

The Summerhouse

Just across a little road is The Summerhouse where they too have an open space where activities are usually planned. We have been told that most of their activities are catered to be pets and kids friendly too!

Brewerkz at the Singapore Indoor Stadium


Known for its craft beers, Brewerkz is one of Singapore's longest running brewery / restaurant. But head down to the branch at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, and it is a different experience! 

Being along the river and having the alfresco dining area, we have seen kids running / scooting around while parents enjoy a nice ice cold beer (before having to chase the kids too). 

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Open Farm Community @ Dempsey

Not just a restaurant, the Open Farm Community offers open spaces, farming activities and other workshops for families too

Cafe Melba @ Mediapolis

Unlike the above cafes, Cafe Melba @ Mediapolis does not offer the same nature setting. Instead, Cafe Melba offers a huge open space that is usually empty on the weekends and suitable for kids to zoom around! 

The bouncy castle is also up on weekday evenings and the entire day on weekends too! 

Shopping Malls

Do check the individual shopping malls for updates on reopening of the play spaces due to the COVID-19 situation. 

City Square Mall

City Square Mall

Head outside and play at the outdoor playgrounds! There is not just one but two play venues for the little ones! 


Head up to level 2 and to VivoCity's Play Court! This huge outdoor play venue will definitely allow even the most energetic little ones expense all that energy! 

Singapore Sports Hub

If you are looking for a place with ample running space and a wet playground too! How about heading over to the Singapore Sports Hub? Take a run / scoot / cycle around the running track circling the National Stadium, and a dip in the wet playground too! 

With BYKidO, you may also enjoy 50% off Admission to The Petite Park, an indoor playground for 0 - 6 years old located at level 1 of Kallang Wave Mall. 

Our Tampines Hub

With 3 play areas and a huge community space, Festive Plaza, at Level 1 with regular movie screenings, Our Tampines Hub is definitely one for parents in the East (or if you don't mind traveling). 


And there we have it! Time to head out and let the energy flow! 



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