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BYKidO Moments: Baby L’s Playtime is at Our Tampines Hub’s Playground This Time!

Sharing of articles from fellow Mummies (and Daddies), to help you Bring Your Kid Out, and create your BYKidO Moments!  A write-up of a playground visit, a video of a trip overseas or even something educational to help you Bring Your Kid Out! BYKidO Moments are moments for your Parenting Journey! This week's BYKidO Moment is contributed by Mummy Leona who emailed us about her visit to the inclusive playground at Our Tampines Hub! Location Our Tampines Hub, Level 2 Sky Terrace, 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523 Date Daily Hour 10 am – 10 pm Admission FREE DISCOVER EVENTS, PLACES AND UNBELIEVEABLE PROMOTIONS WITH BYKIDO’S FREE NEWSLETTER! Details It was Baby L's weekly playground day and this time, we landed ourselves at the...

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BYKidO Visits: Playgrounds @ Our Tampines Hub

Location: Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523Date: DailyHour: 10 am - 10 pmAdmission: Free BYKidO Visits The Playgrounds @ Our Tampines Hub   Not just 1 but 4 Playgrounds are located within Our Tampines Hub! That's alot of fun located at one location!  However, be warned that the Hub can be quite a maze, so let us guide you to the playgrounds!  Festive Play @ B1 While there is nothing to shout about the playground, its conveniently located at B1 with ample seating around for parents to rest, or even to grab a bite from the nearby eateries.  Its also great for warm days, as its indoors and air- conditioned! We think its a great place to drop off the kids to catch...

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