4 Places Where You can Watch Movies for Free in Singapore (Updated 2023)

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Head out and catch a free movie screening with the family at these venues! 

*Updated Feb 2023

Cozy rooms, comfy seats, wide screens, and a blockbuster movie screening, all makes for a great movie viewing experience. But the sound of your dollars slipping away may take away the joy of watching a movie with your loved ones.

You could always snuggle up on your couch to tune into Netflix or Disney+ but these places beats staying at home for a movie night and they’re all free!

1. ST3PS | Changi Airport

ST3PS | Changi Airport

Photo credits The Straits Times

Changi Airport’s ST3PS is a communal space where you can catch free movie screenings around the clock! Wide steps as your seats and an ultra-high-definition screen to play your movie, it’s just as good as catching a movie in a movie theatre!

You can check the movie schedule here.

Changi Airport, ST3PS Terminal 3 Basement 2

Operating hours
Mon – Sun: 10 am – 10 pm

2. Movies by the Beach | Sentosa

Movies by the Beach | Sentosa

Photo credits Sentosa

On selected days, you can catch a free movie screening of popular movies at Sentosa. You can snuggle up with your little ones under the starry sky for the outdoor movie screening, or drop them off with a reliable caretaker to enjoy a relaxing romantic evening with your spouse.  

You can stay updated on the movie timings and dates here.

Sentosa, Palawan Beach

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3. Movie Under the Stars | Our Tampines Hub

Movie Under the Stars | Our Tampines Hub
Photo credits Our Tampines Hub

For a spontaneous movie date night, you can swing by Our Tampines Hub. The open-air plaza at Our Tampines Hub transforms into a movie theatre but remember to check on their Facebook page for the latest show dates and time!

Our Tampines Hub - Festive Plaza

Event hours
Ad-Hoc - Visit Facebook for details

4. One Punggol

Photo Credits: One Punggol

One Punggol is a integrated hub at the North East District comprises of a community club, an integrated Public Service Centre, the 5-storey Punggol Regional Library, a HDB branch office, a 700-seater hawker centre, childcare and child development facilities, a blood collection centre, a kidney dialysis centre, a senior care centre, as well as sports and recreational facilities.

Families living near One Punggol will be excited to know that they can head down to catch regular movie screenings!

One Punggol - Celebration Square

Event hours
Ad-Hoc - Visit Facebook for updates


Below is a list of venues and providers that used to offer free movie screenings. We have left them on the list as it is not clear if they will be offering free movie screenings soon, so check their website for any updates! 

MovieMob (No Updates)

Photo credits MovieMob

If you’ve ever felt nostalgic about drive-in theatres, MovieMob is your solace. Drive-in movie screenings are not the only thing in their repertoire though, sometimes the movie theatre pop-ups in places where you can enjoy movies from the comfort of beanbags and floor mats.

You can stay updated on their next movie screening here.

Various sites

Be My Kaki Bus (No Updates)

Be My Kaki Bus
Photo credits Be My Kaki Bus

There’s drive-in theatre and then there’s a theatre that drives in. Behold the Be My Kaki Bus, a bus fitted with a movie screen! This on-wheels movie theatre travels to suburb neighbourhoods where you can catch free movie screenings of family-friendly hits.  

You can keep updated on Be My Kaki Bus’s next stop here.

Various sites


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