Sensoryscape - A NEW Day-to-Night Immersive Sensory Experience on Sentosa

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Connecting Resorts World Sentosa to Sentosa’s beaches, Sensoryscape spans 30,000 sqm and offers an immersive sensory experience of Sentosa's lush ridges to its vibrant reefs!

Venue: Imbiah Lookout
Opening Hours: 24hours daily, ImagiNite Experience (7.50 pm - 9.40 pm daily)
Admission: Free

Step into Sensoryscape, where a sensory journey from Sentosa's lush ridges to its vibrant reefs unfolds. Along the 350m-long path, you’ll find an assortment of majestic gardens and breathtaking displays where interactive digital light art and augment reality ignite the sixth sense of imagination. 

Here's what you can expect


Sensoryscape transforms into a night-time spectacle as daylight fade, between 7.50 pm to 9.40 pm daily.

ImagiNite is predominantly a night time outdoor audio-visual and augmented reality experience set within Sensoryscape. Themed along our '6th Sense of Imagination', ImagiNite invites you to slow down and enjoy an evening of sensorial experiences that weaves unique narratives that are designed to marvel.

There is no particular sequence or route in which you need to follow to get the best experience. You may uncover ImagiNite's seven unique experiences at your own leisure.

Lookout Loop

Step into Lookout Loop, the visual epicentre of Sensoryscape. Beyond the lush canopy, this vantage point allows you to discover vistas of panoramic splendour in the north and glimpses of the serene sea in the south.

Tactile Trellis

Tactile Trellis celebrates the joy of touch. Engage with a variety of textures that nature has to offer: from the softest caress to the most intriguing prickle. And when night falls, don't miss the light projections on the wallscape.

Scented Sphere

Venture into Scented Sphere, where natural fragrances form a year-round scent palette that reflects the island's rich natural heritage. Immerse your senses in an aromatic landscape of Sentosa's diverse and therapeutic flora! 

Symphony Streams

Welcome to Symphony Streams, where the trickling waters set the tone for serenity. In this tranquil oasis, the rhythmic flow of water harmonizes with Sentosa's coastal breeze, offering a soothing backdrop to your sensory journey.

Palate Playground

Step into Palate Playground, where a rich tapestry of edible plants, aromatic herbs, and exotic spices awaits to deepen your appreciation of Sentosa's authentic local flavours.

Glow Garden

Enter Glow Garden, where the grandeur of giant flower stalks captivates the imagination. Inspired by nature, these structures serve as a prelude to the evening's spectacle.

 Getting Here

  • By Foot: Take a stroll via Sentosa Boardwalk and enter Sensoryscape via Imbiah Lookout Loop.
  • By Sentosa Express: Take Sentosa Express, alight at Imbiah Station, and enter Sensoryscape via Lookout Loop.
  • By Public Bus: Take Bus 123, alight at Sentosa Express' Beach Station, and enter Sensoryscape via Glow Garden.
  • By Cable Car: Take the Mount Faber Line, alight at Sentosa Station, and enter Sensoryscape via Lookout Loop. Or take the Sentosa Line, alight at the Imbiah Lookout Station, and enter Sensoryscape via Lookout Loop.
  • By Intra-island Bus: Take Bus A or B, alight at Beach Station, and enter Sensoryscape via Glow Garden.¬†
  • By Car: Park at Beach Station Carpark and enter Sensoryscape via Glow Garden. Or park at Resorts World Sentosa Carpark and enter Sensoryscape via Lookout Loop


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