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Location: East Coast Park | 1220 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 468960
Every Saturday and Sunday
3.30 pm - 7.00 pm

Sandcastle building at East Coast Park

Located near the East Coast Food Center, Carpark E2 is a place where sandcastle building enthusiast gather.

Ranging from experts with shovels and all the nick knacks to the LOs that use plastic cups and spoons picked up along the beach.

Castle Beach, a social enterprise, runs the area and you can see from the photos that they also build the largest castle!

You may purchase the tools from them. For $50, you can get the buckets, shovels and mini soldiers to decorate your castle, they even offer their expertise!

Or you can choose to be like me, and bring your own tools. Definitely the outcome is not as grand but its free and the LOs enjoyed themselves very much!


Activity: Sandcastle Building
Location: East Coast Park, Carpark E2
Time: 3.30pm - 7pm (Saturdays and Sundays)


My advice: do not come too early. Wait a little later for the evening sun. Bring mosquito patches. Pack a picnic to enjoy the beach!

Visit Castle Beach and Bring Your Kid Out to enjoy some sun, sand and sea! Let them be amazed by the sandcastle building of the experts while enjoying themselves building their own!

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This article is prepared by

Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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