RainTree Cove - Swings and Nature Play At East Coast Park!

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Located at East Coast Park Area C is a lesser known family spot at the popular ECP. With different swings and a nature play area, it is a great spot to enjoy the quiet of the park!

Venue: Area C, 1018 East Coast Parkway Singapore 449877
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Admission: Free

Reopened in Mar 2019, Raintree Cove is the area where it used to be a Drive-thru Burger King and the popular Long Beach Seafood Restaurant. Today, it is a quiet haven for families to gather and to take a ride on the many swings available. While not as extensive as it's cousins, Marine Cove and Coastal Playgrove, the open lawn at Raintree Cove offers a more quiet and relaxed atmosphere for parents and kids. 

The entire stretch at East Coast Park offers so much for families, and Raintree Cove might just be the most chill of them all. If you are looking to cycle between parts of the park, don't forget to check out our list of bicycle rentals at East Coast Park. 

A Galore Of Swings

Image Credits: NParks

Raintree Cove could have been called the Cove of Swings with the different variety of swings available. You will find a row of red swings made up of different swing types as well as individual swing sets scattered around too. 

On the red swing set, you will have the normal swings for the kids to play in, a basket swing for a group of kids (or family) to play in, and a hammock swing for daddies and mummies to cozy it up in!

The individual swing sets are located around the red swing set and are decorated to the theme of "nature". Students from nine schools came together to paint these garden swings and they are now waiting for you to come onboard! 

Nature Play

This part of East Coast Park also offers nature play, which are available at Coastal Playgrove and the Cyclist Park too. It is not a huge play area but probably enough to keep the little ones entertained for a bit as they balance on wooden logs and steps. 

Chill and Relax 

The biggest draw of Raintree Cove (in our opinion) is the calmness and being able to just sit down, swing and feel the morning or evening sea breeze. The swings also offer a view of the sea and for a min, we may just forget about the running (and maybe crying) kids waiting for us. 

What To Bring To RainTree Cove

The area is not well-sheltered, and we recommend you to bring along sunscreen, a hat and shade, or even an umbrella. As with all nature outings, mosquito repellent is a must. 

Normally we encourage a change of clothes too, but this is optional due to the relatively quiet nature of the venue. 

How To Get To RainTree Cove 

RainTree Cove is located at East Coast Park Area C between Carpark C3 and C4. It is accessible via the Marine Cove underpass or the overhead bridge linking to Siglap Park Connector. 

By Car

The nearest parking are at Carpark C3 and C4. 


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