Marine Cove Playground and Dining Options For Families At East Coast Park

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Located at East Coast Park Area C, Marine Cove is the OG of massive outdoor playgrounds and a popular spot for families at East Coast Park! 

Marine Cove Children's Playground

Location: Marine Cove, East Coast Park Area C, 1000 ECP, Singapore 449876
Hour:¬†ÔĽŅ24 hours (Daily)
Admission: Free

*This article has been updated in July 2021 with new pictures and information. The article includes photos from both 2017 and 2021. 

Marine Cove

Located at East Coast Park Area C is the massive playground, Marine Cove Playground. Quite similiar to Coastal Playgrove, this 21,500 sqm recreational area has been designed with families in mind including conveniently located washing areas, open spaces and dining options suitable for families! 

Marine Cove is just one of the many family-friendly to-dos at East Coast Park, but definitely sits on top of the list!

Marine Cove Playground

Marine Cove

The highlight of Marine Cove is the Marine Cove Playground. The 3,500 sqm playground is suitable for kids between 2 to 12 years old and spread across multiple play areas. 

The main play structure is a futuristic looking building that is bright red and metallic. This 8-m tall tower features 3 metal slides offering different levels of excitement and adrenaline for the little ones! 

To get to the top of the tower, you will have to climb up the net ladders in the centre of the building or make your way along the suspended rope bridge that looks like a little tunnel! There are multiple entry points into the rope bridge but most kids will just start from the cargo nets. 

*BYKIDO TIP: For those with younger kids, be prepared to either climb through the rope bridge with your little ones as they may get frightened (and stuck halfway) or be really encouraging from the ground! 

Marine Cove

Apart from the main structure, you will also find slides, climbing ropes and play structures for the younger kids. During our visit in July 2021, the play structures for the younger ones were being maintained. 


Another interesting play element is the pipes around the play area. Simply talk find a pair of these pipes, and try talking to each other over the pipes! 

Marine Cove

Marine Cove

Marine CoveMarine Cove

Dining Options 

You will find a row of dining establishments at Marine Cove to suit different palates, this includes a Coffee Bean, McDonald's, East Coast Commune and My Briyani House. Each of these restaurants offer an alfresco dining experience where you can have a view of the playground while having a meal. 

Those with older kids may enjoy a meal while letting the kids run riot at the playground!

Other Facilities - Toilets and Water Coolers

The restaurants offer toilets but if you are not planning to dine, you may also use the toilet facilities to wash up and even take a bath. Water coolers and vending machines are available too. The facilities are located at the other end of the playground (away from the restaurants). 

What To Bring To Marine Cove? 

Definitely bring along a change of clothes! We expect kids and parents to be drenched in perspiration after the play! You will also want to bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent and sufficient water too!

How To Get To Marine Cove?


Marine Cove


Marine Cove is located at East Coast Park Area C. It is accessible from the underpass linking Marine Terrace to Carpark C3. You may wish to Marine Cove from other parts of East Coast Park, and if you wish to rent a bike, you may check out the bicycle rentals along East Coast Park.

By Public Transport 

There is a bus stop located at Marine Cove along the East Coast Park Service Park. You can use Bus Services 401 on the weekends. 

By Car

You may choose to park at Carpark C2 or C3. 



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