Places to go this Weekend: Playground @ Marine Cove

Location: Marine Cove | 1000 ECP, Singapore 449876
Date: Daily
Hour: 24 hours
Admission: FREE

Marine Cove

Bring Your Kid Out to East Coast Park this weekend to play at the massive playground @ Marine Cove! With a number of restaurants located at Marine Cove, you do not even have to leave to grab a bite!

Marine Cove

While it was extremely popular when it first opened, the place seemed to have quieted down recently. Which is not such a bad thing for Parents who Bring Your Kid Out there!

Marine Cove

And if you have not been to the Playground yet, be prepared to be WOW-ed! It is huge with slides, climbing ropes, swings, rollers, climbing structures and much more!


 What is probably different from most Outdoor Playgrounds is the interactive light games. The kid can basically choose various games which involve chasing lighted buttons and pushing them in time. You can play solo or as a competition. However, there were just too many eager hands pushing buttons to really tell how it works! 

Marine Cove

Some of the climbing seemed suitable for older kids or even the occasional gung-ho parent. If your kid is young, be prepared to be hands-on to help them climb! 

Marine CoveMarine Cove

The kids will have fun but do remember to bring more water and a change of clothes. The entire place is quite unshaded and it can get quite uncomfortable under the sun! 

Marine CoveMarine Cove

There are facilities nearby to bath, change and wash up too! Someone did a great job in designing that! 

It's so big that even the little ones will get exhausted after all the running, climbing and jumping! 

Marine Cove


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