ST3PS - Terminal 3 Basement 2: Your Next Family Friendly Must-Go Venue!

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Step into the Terminal 3 Basement 2, and you will find yourself in one of the most family-friendly parts of the entire Changi Airport!

Location: Changi Airport Terminal 3 Basement 2
Opening Hours: 10 am - 10 pm

The newly upgraded Terminal 3 Basement 2 (T3 B2) boast a community event space ST3PS where you can catch free movie screenings, an indoor garden, and more than 10 new shops and restaurants! 

Family Entertainment @ ST3PS

 Changi Airport Terminal 3 Basement 2

Changi Airport Terminal 3 Basement 2

Watch free daily movie screenings on a 6m x 3.5m ultra high-definition screen! ST3PS is a dedicated atrium space that can accommodate over 200 people! Families can head here to catch free movie screenings as well as sports telecast too! 

Click here to see what movies and Live Matches will be screening at ST3PS!

Changi Airport Terminal 3 Basement 2

Adjacent to the atrium space is a fun art-themed indoor garden, where visitors can look forward to large-scale sculptural installations in time to come. The entire atrium and garden covers a floor area of 440 square metres, close to the size of a basketball court, and features over 15 varieties of plants.

Shopping and Play for the Family

Plenty of new shops and restaurants will be serving families at the upgraded T3 B2, but here a couple of highlights for the family! 

Play! by Kinder Play

The previous Singkids Playground will be getting a Ben 10 and Powerpuff Girl makeover! Play! by KinderPlay will be a Cartoon Network themed Indoor Playground for the kids to have fun at! 

Zone X

An arcade with 4 locations, ZONE X offers a wide variety of games catering to all ages as well as an extensive redemption corner.

The Slide@Changi

Kids and adults can whizz down Slide@T3, Singapore's tallest slide and the world's tallest slide in an airport - and its FREE!


Don't you agree that this might be your next family destination? 



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