Nature-themed Outdoor Playground And Water Play At Jurong Lake Gardens

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Nature-themed outdoor play and a wet play zone awaits families visiting Jurong Lake Gardens!

*Updated 26 Jan 2022: Clusia Cove (water play) reopens on 22 Jan 2022

One of our favourite outdoor playground is located at Jurong Lake Gardens! Families can expect lots of open spaces, a nature-themed playground and a water play area! There is so much fun awaiting families who visit the park!

Apart from the play zones, there are also other activities that families can take part in at the park, to find more things to do at the park, visit our Family's Guide To Jurong Lake Gardens. 

Without further ado, let's take a look at the play areas at Jurong Lake Gardens! Expect lots of pictures so that you know what to expect during a visit! 

1. Jurong Lake Gardens Playground: Forest Ramble

Forest Ramble, Jurong Lake Gardens

Location: Lakeside Garden (close to the Chinese Garden gateway and bridge - former Chinese Garden car park), Jurong Lake Gardens, 100 Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 618662
Opening Days: Tue to Sun (closed on Mon, except Public Holidays)
Opening Hour:¬†8am ‚Äď 10pm
Admission: Free

The Jurong Lake Gardens outdoor playground, Forest Ramble, is the largest nature playgarden to be opened in the heartlands! Drawing inspiration from the movements and actions of the animals that live in a freshwater swamp, this huge ‚Äúbiophilic‚ÄĚ playground at Lakeside Garden features 13 nature-based play areas for kids to explore.

Snake Play

Snake Play

Slither down the 3 long and winding metal slides at this play area ‚Äď just like a snake coiling around a tree!

Heron Play

Heron Play

Be like a heron flying through the sky as you glide across a zipline, and roost at the two ‚Äúnests‚ÄĚ at this play area.

Squirrel Play

Squirrel Play

Jump from 1 springy wooden platform to the next, balance on log see-saws, navigate your way through rope obstacle courses and climb into a little hideout at this play area.

Monkey Play

Monkey Play

Get up to some monkey business at this low ropes play area for some swingin’ and climbin’ good time!

Crab Play

Crab Play

Crawl through a maze of wooden tunnels, and play peek-a-boo with those tiny clear bubble windows - just like a crab popping out of the sand.

Other play areas include the following:

Butterfly Play: There are nine different swings in this play area, such as bucket swings, 2-person swings, as well as a four-way swing that bounces in different directions.

Hammock Area: There is also a hammock swing area nearby that provides a scenic view of the iconic Chinese Gardens bridge and gateway.

Hammock Area

Frog Play: Pretend to be a frog and hop from one ‚Äúlily pad‚ÄĚ trampoline to another. There will be no end of hopping on the various trampolines!

Otter Play: A play area made up of logs for the kids to balance on and climb over. Watch as the adventurous ones go over and under!

Ant Play: Get as busy as an ant, and build up a colony with blue foam blocks at this play area.

Adventure Bridge: A great way for kids to muster their courage and enhance their confidence levels as they manoeuvre their way across (with a couple of helpful handholds) this log bridge. 

Inclusive Play: To enable children of all abilities to play together in nature, elements of inclusive play (such as a swing, a merry-go-round, and musical play panels that are wheelchair-friendly) have also been built into the playground.


2. Clusia Cove: Water Play

Clusia Cove

Location: Northern end of Lakeside Garden at Jurong Lake Gardens, 100 Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 618662
Opening Days: Tue to Sun (closed on Mon, except Public Holidays)
Opening Hours:¬†8 am ‚Äď 7 pm
Admission: Free

Take a short walk and you will find Clusia Cove, the perfect place to cool off from a hot day of play! Families will discover a tidal play pond and wading area that offers a fun water play experience for all to enjoy!

Clusia Cove (2)

Clusia Cove‚Äôs tidal pool is uniquely designed to mimic water movements of coastal shores. Families and children can wade into 30-cm deep water and experience the movement of water. There are also tidal¬†gates that allow the young ones to experience controlling the flow of water. From the tidal pool, the water flows on towards a ‚Äúlittle beach‚ÄĚ or sand play area.

If you’re keen on more exploring, head over to the boardwalks (just a short distance away from Clusia Cove) for a lovely stroll and enjoy the beautiful view of the waters of Jurong Lake.

Amenities at Clusia Cove

If you are hungry and need a bite, fret not! The Fusion Spoon restaurant, a café offering casual Western and Asian dining options, is situated onsite. This is the only restaurant at the park. You will also find vending machines for buying drinks and snacks too. 

Don't be too worried about getting dirty as restrooms with shower and changing facilities are located at Clusia Cove. Just remember to bring along an extra set of clothing and a towel to dry off! 

Getting To Forest Ramble and Clusia Cove

Both play areas are nearer to the North Entrance, and the North Carpark. So do take note, otherwise, you may end up walking a longer distance to get to there. Get more directions from our Family's Guide to Jurong Lake Gardens. 

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