Family's Guide To Playgrounds at Bird Paradise and Mandai Wildlife West

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Families visiting Bird Paradise will discover 2 playgrounds inside the park as well as 3 free play venues at Mandai Wildlife West, a new public lifestyle venue. 

Did you know that there are 5 playgrounds located Bird Paradise? 3 of the playgrounds are play spaces located at the new lifestyle venue, Mandai Wildlife West, a free-access space located outside Bird Paradise! The other 2 are found within the ticketed areas of Bird Paradise. 

Interested to find out more? Let's take a look at what families can expect when visiting this new attraction! 

Mandai Wildlife West 

Families who arrive at Mandai Wildlife West will be greeted by a 10m-tall waterfall before they start their wildlife adventure. Get to the top of the waterfall by following the winding path behind a cascading water curtain and enjoy the cool mist, before arriving at the upper deck where playgrounds and F&B are located.

Mandai Wildlife West is a public space where families can visit to enjoy family fun at the open spaces, restaurants, and playgrounds! Restaurants located here include A&W, Starbucks, COLLIN'S, Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique & Sandwich Bar and more. 

Here's also where you can find the 3 playgrounds where families can play for free, the Pangolin Hideout, Pangolin Adventure and Forest Stream.

Playgrounds at Mandai Wildlife West 

At Mandai Wildlife West, families will discover 2 free play areas inspired by a native Singapore species, the Sunda Pangolin. The Pangolin Adventure and Pangolin Hideout encourage junior guests and the young at heart to mimic the behaviour of the mammal with movements like climbing, burrowing and sliding. 

Arriving at Mandai Wildlife West, you will first come across Pangolin Adventure. Here, you will find nets, swings, slides and more for kids to run around at. 

At Pangolin Hideout, you will find a main play tower with nets and a slide for kids to climb up and slide down. The play area is surrounded by tunnels, inspired by the burrows created by pangolins.

Located right next to Starbucks, little ones can continue to explore and learn by weaving through the root-like structures inspired by mangrove forests at Forest Stream, an ode to nature and the vulnerable riverine forest ecosystems.

Playgrounds at Bird Paradise

Entering the ticketed area of Bird Paradise, families will find 2 playgrounds, Treetop Play, a dry playground, and Egg Splash, a water play area. 

Treetop Play is located at the Central Plaza, and families will find 2 towering play structures linked by bridges and ropes. Children will have fun on the ropes and trampolines as they climb and jump! There's also a little sand play area where they can play at too! 

Egg Splash is an egg-themed playground with wet play zones, water slides, sprays and shallow pools. Parents can oversee their children at the sheltered cafe or at the sheltered pavilion. Egg Splash is open from 9.30 am - 5.30 pm 

There are washing areas and toilets for children and adults to wash-up after play too! (Egg Splash is temporarily closed at the time of writing). 

Other Learn and Play Elements at Bird Paradise

Between aviaries, families will walk in air-conditioned hubs where you can learn more about avian features like their plumage and behaviour such as their migratory patterns. Fun and interactive elements will deepen your appreciation of the avian world, alongside sensorial and exploratory installations.

What To Bring

We highly recommend families to bring sunblock and hats to protect yourselves from the sun, even an umbrella will be a great idea too. Insect repellent will be a great addition. Don't forget the water bottles for hydration and a towel to dry the kids too. 

For those heading to Egg Splash, there is a wash up area so remember to bring swim attires, a change of clothing and towels too. 


Bird Paradise is located at 20 Mandai Lake Road, 729825, and Mandai Wildlife West is the public area outside the entrance. 


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