Singapore's Bird Paradise and Mandai Wildlife West - Here's What Families Can Expect

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Bird Paradise and Mandai Wildlife West offers families varied options for family fun, including a non-ticketed retail and F&B zone with 3 free play spaces!

*Updated November 2023

Venue: 20 Mandai Lake Road, 729825.
Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm, Daily
Admission: from $20 (compare ticket prices here)

Head down to Bird Paradise when it soft-launches on 8 May 2023 and walk through Singapore new bird park and get a glimpse of how the birds and their carers are settling into their new home.

Another exciting addition is the Mandai Wildlife West, just next to the park, this new ungated public node serves as the gateway to Bird Paradise and the upcoming Rainforest Wild where families can enjoy many dining and retail options as well as playgrounds and public artworks

Entering Bird Paradise - Forest Gateway

Visitors will be welcomed by the majestic Forest Gateway, an 85m-long entry archway on Mandai Lake Road that leads into the precinct. The Forest Gateway features animal rock carvings that took inspiration from the wildlife parks, depicting iconic species such as the Giraffe, Malayan Sun Bear, Asian Elephant and Great Pied Hornbill.

After passing through the gateway, visitors will arrive at Mandai Wildlife West, the main arrival area for visitors to Bird Paradise and the upcoming Rainforest Wild.

Mandai Wildlife West

A new ungated public node, families who arrive at Mandai Wildlife West will be greeted by a 10m-tall waterfall before they start their wildlife adventure. Get to the top of the waterfall by following the winding path behind a cascading water curtain and enjoy the cool mist, before arriving at the upper deck where playgrounds and F&B are located.

Free Pangolin-inspired Playgrounds

At Mandai Wildlife West, families will discover 2 free play areas inspired by a native Singapore species, the Sunda Pangolin. The Pangolin Adventure and Pangolin Hideout encourage junior guests and the young at heart to mimic the behaviour of the mammal with movements like climbing, burrowing and sliding. 

Photo Credits: BYKidO 

Families will discover a total of 5 playgrounds at Bird Paradise and Mandai Wildlife West. 3 located at Mandai Wildlife West, a wet playground and a dry playground inside Bird Paradise. 

Learning Opportunities All-Around

Photo Credits: BYKidO 

Continue to explore and learn by weaving through the root-like structures inspired by mangrove forests at Forest Stream, an ode to nature and the vulnerable riverine forest ecosystems.

At Epiphytic Cluster, the different species found at various forest canopy levels, and their role in nature, take centre stage. This includes orchids, epiphytes which are plants that grow on other plants, as well cauliflorous species which refer to plants that flower and fruit from their main trunks or branches. 

At the Foraging Trail, learn about the bountiful treasures of the rainforest including abundant food and medicinal resources which both wildlife and people rely on.

Dining and Retail Options at Mandai Wildlife West

At the heart of Mandai Wildlife West is a variety of dining and retail options. From garden-themed interior designs to sustainable furnishings, and menu choices thoughtful of the planet, foodies and lovers of the outdoors can indulge in all-new flavours by familiar household names and new brand partnerships. 

In a first, Luke’s Lobster, Leckerbaer and Mr Holmes Bakehouse will be housed together in a flagship multi-concept store, while home-grown Birds of Paradise presents a Gelato Boutique and Sandwich Bar. American fast food chain A&W and western restaurant Collin’s join the pack, along with Han’s Union for fusion meals, as Pavilion Banana Leaf spices things up with North & South Indian cuisine.

Quick bites and caffeine fixes are available at Coffee House by Old Chang Kee, Starbucks, and Cheers. And not to be missed - Unpackt, Singapore’s home-grown zero-waste grocery and lifestyle store, makes a statement, too.

Entering Bird Paradise

Photo Credits: BYKidO 

Bird Paradise is a celebration of birds and their stories, and will be home to some of the world’s most threatened species - from Philippine Eagles and Negros Bleeding-heart Doves, to Straw-headed Bulbuls, Black-winged Mynas and Blue-throated Macaws. One of the species, the Socorro Dove, is in fact extinct in the wild, and only survives because of the breeding efforts undertaken by the Mandai Wildlife Group and other conservation-minded institutions.

Photo Credits: BYKidO 

The park is divided into different aviaries, and is best enjoyed on foot to soak up the themed landscapes teeming with nature and avian wildlife. Families can expect to get up-close to the birds are encouraged to embark on the walking routes to explore the various aviaries and facilities in the 17-hectare park. These are what you can expect

  • Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove
  • Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands
  • Kuok Group Wings of Asia
  • Australian Outback
  • Amazonia Jewels
  • Songs of the Forest
  • Mysterious¬†Papua
  • Lory Loft
  • Heart of Africa¬†

Photo Credits: BYKidO 

Between aviaries, families will walk in air-conditioned hubs where you can learn more about avian features like their plumage and behaviour such as their migratory patterns. Fun and interactive elements will deepen your appreciation of the avian world, alongside sensorial and exploratory installations.

Dry Playground - Treetop Play

Photo Credits: BYKidO 

Opening Hours: 9 am - 6 pm

Located at the Central Plaza, families will find 2 towering play structures linked by bridges and ropes. Treetop Play is the dry playground at Bird Paradise and includes lots of ropes and trampolines for children to climb and jump. There's also a little sand play area where they can play at too! 

Water Playground - Egg Splash

Photo Credits: BYKidO 

Opening Hours: 9.30 am - 5.30 pm (Egg Splash is temporarily closed)

This egg-themed playground offers wet play zones, with water slides, sprays and shallow pools. Parents can oversee their children at the sheltered cafe or at the sheltered pavilion. 

There are washing areas and toilets for children and adults to wash-up after play too!

F&B Options In The Park

Photo Credits: BYKidO 

F&B options range from themed dining to casual eateries. This includes the Crimson Restaurant and Penguin Cove Restaurant for gastronomic adventures amidst unparalleled views of avian wildlife and their habitats.

Or head over to the Penguin Cove Restaurant on Level 1 of Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove, tuck into a buffet spread featuring sustainably sourced seafood while enjoying the penguins diving to a depth of seven metres in the two aquatic tanks.

There's also the Penguin Cove Café on Level 2 where you can enjoy pastries and coffee while observing the activity at the beach level. Other casual dining options can also be found at Bird Bakery and Egg Splash Café, where bird-shaped treats and egg-inspired dishes are bound to satisfy even social media feeds. For familiar local favourites, head to Food Central at Central Plaza where there will be a variety of cuisines to choose from.

New Avian Presentations

At the 2,000-seater Sky Amphitheatre, two new avian presentations will take flight ‚Äď Predators on Wings¬†(10 am and 2.30 pm) and Wings of the World¬†(12.30 pm and 5 pm). They will have a new format and content, while retaining some of the favourite elements from the previous Kings of the Skies and High Flyers presentations at Jurong Bird Park.

Keepers Talk

Families can speak with the keepers and learn more about the birds that they care for! Keepers Talk happen daily and these include 

  • Macaw Keeper¬†Talk (Hong Leong Foundation¬†Crimson Wetlands @¬†12 pm):¬†Learn about macaw ecology and behaviour with the¬†keepers in charge while enjoying a close view of the birds.
  • Penguin Keeper Talk (Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove @ 1.30 pm):¬†Learn about penguin behaviour and the personalities of¬†individual penguins from their keepers while enjoying the¬†view of penguins diving and foraging for fish.
  • Songbird Keeper Talk (Songs of the Forest @ 4 pm):¬†Discover the distinct traits of our songbirds while enjoying¬†their beautiful melodies.

Add-On Programmes

From 24 April 2023, members of the public can book their admission tickets and any add-on¬†programmes such as the unique interactive keeper-led experiences, feeding sessions, the Bird¬†Discovery Tour and a ‚Äėbackstage pass‚Äô that will take participants behind the scenes to discover how the¬†park‚Äôs feathered residents are being cared for.

There are plans to launch more backstage passes,¬†including one that will give an insider‚Äôs look at the Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove and what¬†it takes to care for the park‚Äôs VIPs ‚Äď Very Important Penguins. Guests will also soon be able to step into¬†the shoes of an avian keeper for a day and experience how avian care is managed at Bird Paradise.

  • Bird Discovery Tour

Get the insider scoop on the most charismatic of the feathered friends in this intimate experience. An up close and personal experience awaits!

Available at $400 per group of up to 8 pax on weekdays, and $500 on weekends and Public Holidays. There are 2 sessions a day at 10.30 am to 12 pm and 3.30 pm to 5 pm. 

  • Get A Backstage Pass

Families can also look forward to intimate, keeper-led experiences, or take a ‚Äúbackstage pass‚ÄĚ to discover what goes into caring for the feathered residents of Bird Paradise. These include an exclusive look into the Avian Healthcare and Research Centre (2 pm - 3 pm, $118.40 per pax on weekdays and $148 on weekends and Public Holidays), where guests can observe the vets in action as they provide the best care for their charges.

At the state-of-the-art Avian Breeding and Research Centre, they will be able to have a glimpse of the many conservation breeding programmes that the park participates in, including some very important ones for Asian Songbirds, threatened parrot species, Birds-of-Paradise, and many more.

  • Feeding Sessions

Photo Credits: BYKidO 

Feeding sessions, a much-loved highlight in Jurong Bird Park, return with new varieties of birds that guests can take part in for $8 per session. These include feeding sessions with the Starlings, African Hornbills and Barbets at Heart of Africa, Pelicans at Kuok Group Wings of Asia, and the Lories at Lory Loft. 

  • African Birds @ Heart of Africa: 9.30 am and 2 pm
  • Lories and Lorikeets @ Lory Loft: 11 am & 3.30 pm
  • Pelican @ 10 am @ Kuok Group Wings of Asia: 10 am

Breeding and Research Centre

The new Breeding and Research Centre located next to Winged Sanctuary opens in No 2023, and it features species of high conservation value. Park-goers can have a glimpse behind-the-scenes to learn what goes into caring for the park’s feathered residents. Over at the nursery, guests will get a chance to see chicks being hand-raised to maximise their chances of survival.

Glamping with Penguins

In Nov 2023, Bird Paradise also introduces Glamping with the Penguins, an all-new, two-day-one-night glamping experience. For the first time, guests will spend a night in Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove in glamping bell tents. Guests will begin their journey with reserved seating to watch the exciting Wings of the World presentation followed by a scrumptious dinner, before winding down with the penguins. Each tent is suitable for a family of four who can cosy up together. They will also get to enjoy a special showcase of the breathtaking Southern Lights in hues of blues and greens that light up the penguins’ exhibit. 

The next morning, glampers will set out to Nyungwe Forest Heart of Africa for a guided tour of the aviaries. There will also be special access to off-exhibit facilities like the nutrition centre and avian hospital to learn about avian care at Bird Paradise, before winding up the glamping stay with a hearty lunch at Crimson.


Bird Paradise will be open daily from 9am to 6pm, with the last admission into the park at 5pm. Tickets are available below

  • $48 for adults
  • $33 for children (aged 3 to 12 years old)
  • $20 for senior citizens

Tickets can be purchased at or click here to compare ticket prices.

Local residents can also join the Friends of Wildlife membership which provides year-round access to all four wildlife parks including Bird Paradise. Members can enjoy priority privileges, exciting wildlife experiences and special benefits such as F&B, retail discounts and more.


*Photo Credits: Mandai Wildlife Group unless otherwise stated


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