NParks' New Biophilic Playground: Nature Playgarden at HortPark

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Location:  HortPark, 33 Hyderabad Rd, Singapore 119578
Date: All Days
Hour:¬†ÔĽŅ6am - 11pm
Admission: FREE

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What is it? 

Nature Playgarden @ HortPark

The Nature Playgarden is part of NParks’ Biophilic Playgarden Plan which is specially designed for pre-schoolers, and centres around the concept of biophilia, which refers to the nature of humans to connect with other living things.

Nature Playgarden @ HortPark

Through play with nature, the plan hopes to cultivate an appreciation for nature and to remove / reduce the time spend on devices. 

Nature and Play

The first thing that will be notice is how the playground is nestled within nature, and that you are no longer on the granite floor but on the sand, wood, mud... 

Nature Playgarden @ HortPark

Nature Playgarden @ HortPark

Be prepared, and be ready to allow your LO to explore with their hands as the park is built to encourage open play and exploration. And if your kids (or even yourself) get too dirty and muddy, there are little taps / streams in the garden that allows you to wash up to. 

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Learning in Play

There is no structured learning as the kids engage in open play. But you will find learning points where there are flowers, fruits and plants (with signs) within the playgarden. 

Nature Playgarden @ HortPark

Nature Playgarden @ HortPark

Its not your usual playground, so it may feel scary at times. Do watch over the kid as they run about and offer a helping hand where required, but do let them explore and wander, and they might discover something new! 

Overall, it feels that thought has been given to cater for the concerns of parents with the rumble and tumble kids, and those that are concern with cleanliness and safety. 

BYKidO Recommends: Try going in the early morning or evenings so its not too hot, and do remember to bring insect repellent too! 

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Nature Playgarden @ HortPark

Where is it

The permanent signs were not up yet, so follow the laminated signs along HortPark to find your way. Otherwise, walk towards the playground, its will be nearby. 




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