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3 Free Playgrounds at City Square Mall

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City Square Mall is home to 3 different playgrounds catering to different age groups, all free and even 1 sheltered!

*Updated 10 April 2021: Reopening details

Location: City Square Mall | 180 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208539
Date: Daily
Hour: 10 am - 10 pm
Admission: FREE

Located at City Square Mall is not 1 but 3 Free Playgrounds! One located at B1, suitable for younger kids, and the other 2 are located outside the mall for the older ones 

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Playground for the Young Ones

*Reopened as at April 2021

The sheltered playground located at B1 is sheltered and suitable for the younger kids. The playground is relatively small with minimal climbing required. Young kids will also enjoy the kiddy rides located here. 

free playground city square mall

Located next to McDonald's and other eateries, the playground is great for dropping the kids while having a meal. As the only sheltered playground at the mall, it is also great for when the weather is does not permit time at the outdoor play at Level 1. 

free playground city square mall

Outdoor Play @ Level 1

*Playground is closed as at April 2021.

The outdoor playground located right outside the entrance of City Square Mall and is suitable for older kids with more climbing required to enjoy the play equipment. 

free playground city square mall

Children can expect swings, slides, ropes, vertical ladders, a wobbly bridge, fireman pole, see saw and a very popular round-about play equipment! Remember to be careful and watch the kids as they go round and round the this play equipment. 

free playground city square mall

For those with younger kids, be prepared to be involved in the play as kids often get frighten or stop halfway through their climb or on the wobbly bridge! We witness many of these happen in our visit before!

free playground city square mall

The fireman pole is a favourite for the older kids and the dare-devil ones! It is also the place for daddies to "show-off" their strength when carrying the kids up and down the pole! 

free playground city square mall

free playground city square mall

The round-about is very popular with the kids. It is also very important to remind the kids to be careful and not jump on or off when it is in full swing! We highly encourage parents of younger kids to stay around and watch their kids when playing here. 

New Addition: Rope Playground

*Playground remains close as at April 2021

City Square Mall Playground

Located nearer to the main road and further from the mall is a smaller (but taller) playground. This playground require the kids to climb up and slide down! It's built with the skillful climber in mind, or for those whose parents are game enough to join in! 

Be prepared for kids who get scared and stuck along the bridge too!  

City Square Mall Playgrounds

Both Level 1 playgrounds are outdoor and will get quite hot in the sun. So be prepared with sunscreen, hats and lots of water! 

Have you been to the playgrounds? Read more about other playgrounds here or share with us your favourite in the comments or join us in conversation on our social media! 


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Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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