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Location: City Square Mall | 180 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208539
Date: Daily
Hour: 10 am - 10 pm
Admission: FREE

Located at City Square Mall is not 1 but 3 Free Playgrounds! Located at Level B1 and Level 1, each playground offer a different type of fun! 

*13th June: Updated with information on the 3rd Playground!

Level B1

Targeted at the younger kids, this sheltered Playground is smaller, shorter with less climbing involved. 

free playground city square mall

Located next to Macdonalds and many other eateries, it is a very useful place to "drop" the kids while having a meal or if the weather does not permit the bigger Playground on Level 1. 

free playground city square mall

Level 1

The Playground on Level 1 was obviously designed for the older kids. 

free playground city square mall

Located at the main entrance, the Playground has Swings, Slides, Ropes, Vertical Ladders, Wobbly Bridge, Fireman Poles, See Saw and the very popular Round -a -bout! 

free playground city square mall

Just be prepared to be involved in the "action" if your LOs get frightened or stop halfway through climbing or decided not to move on the wobbly Bridge. I was there for about an hour and there was many such cases! 

free playground city square mall

I really liked the Fireman Pole! Even visiting the Fire Station did not give the chance to slide down the pole! 

free playground city square mall

Even the slide seemed to be "extra polished" for more kick! 

free playground city square mall

The Round -a -bout is very popular with the kids but it is quite dangerous. I saw a couple of kids try to leave / get on while it was in full swing. One girl got a nasty shock when she flew off... luckily without much injury. 

Level 1 (Rope Playground)

City Square Mall Playground

Located slightly towards the main road is a smaller but taller playground. The kids need to climb up and slide down. 

I will recommend this for kids that are older and more skillful in climbing. They should also not be scared, otherwise, they can get stuck up in the rope tunnel for quite some time. 

City Square Mall Playgrounds

Unfortunately, both level 1 playgrounds are in open area and can get quite hot! 

Playgrounds @ City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road 
Sheltered Playground - B1 next to Macdonalds
Big Kids Playground - Level 1 @ main entrance and Toastbox. 


Visit City Square Mall's webpage for more details on amenities. 

Know of other Playgrounds worth sharing? Let us know in the comment boxes below!


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