Places to go this Weekend: Play Court @ Vivo City

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Location: VivoCity | 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585
Date: Daily
Hour: 10 am - 10 pm
Admission: FREE

Play Court @ VivoCity

We have not visited the Play Court @ Vivo City since it reopened late 2016. Did you Bring Your Kid Out there yet? 

Play Court @ VivoCity

We tried to go recently but unfortunately, it was raining! However, I still proceeded to take photos and hopefully these will help you decide whether or not to make a trip there. 

Play Court @ VivoCity

Located at the 2nd floor of VivoCity, the Play Court is accessible through various entrances as its in the centre of the mall surrounded by shops and fast food! 

The Play Court is divided into several areas (there isn't official names for them, so I will just name them myself). 

Colorful Structures

These are 7 colorful structures that I wasn't sure if it were meant to be part of the playground or as decorative structures. 

Play Court @ VivoCity

However, I saw kids climbing up and jumping down.. It does not seem like much but the kids seemed to be having so much fun. Just note that it might not be safe for the younger ones (especially if there are older ones around, which tend to get a little more rowdy). 

Click here to read our Partner's A2 Parkour on how we can teach our kids to run, climb and jump safely! 

Slides and Play

There are 2 slides in the Play Court, one seemed to be for the younger kids while the other for the older.

Play Court @ VivoCity

How to know the difference? The younger kids' slide does not have sliding poles and swings to play with and seemed to be built for easier climbing. It also comes with a little tunnel that the LOs may run through (but daddies and mummies do mind your back!)

Play Court @ VivoCity

The older slide was full of activities. With kids playing catching, running up the slides and sliding down the poles. The swings were also very popular but not well designed as the swings end up banging into each other quite often.

Play Court @ VivoCity

Play Court @ VivoCity

If you are looking for a indoor playground more suitable for younger kids (with less rough play), read this post on Why Busy Tables is not your usual playground


This was also very popular with the kids.. and several adults too! It doesn't say how much weight it can take but I did not dare to try :)

Play Court @ VivoCity

A simple 3 trampoline, with 2 smaller ones and 1 gigantic one. Just watch out if your LO enters the gigantic one and there are many Kids there. 

Because of the rain, it also might double up as a pool too! 

Water Play

It's actually a series of fountains that changes heights. Simple and meets its purpose of making the kids squeal in delight! 

Play Court @ VivoCity

See our video of the playground and the Water Play in action! 


Others, because I didn't know what else to call them. There are see saw, a climbing tunnel, and some round about pod. 

Play Court @ VivoCity

Play Court @ VivoCity

The round about pods do look quite comfortable to rest in too! Just don't spin too quickly and come out all dizzy! 

Play Court @ VivoCity

If you are interested, there is also a motorcar for hire service at the centre of the Play Court. 

Play Court @ VivoCity

There is also a baby room nearby for changing, feeding or just to top-up on the water! 

Play Court @ VivoCity

Do you have any other thoughts on the Play Court? Do let us know if the comments below or send us an email ( 

 Play Court @ VivoCity

2nd Floor (Open Air)

Multiple Entrances


Do visit VivoCity's website for more details or see our list of Free Outdoor Playground in Singapore


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