Things To Do At West Coast Park For Families - Adventure Playground, Cycling, Camping And More!

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Located along West Coast Highway is the West Coast Park where you can expect one of Singapore's largest Adventure Playground, Cycling trails and more! 

Location: W Coast Ferry Rd, Singapore 126978
Opening Hours: 7 pm - 7 am (Park lighting times)
Admission: FREE

It is not difficult to see why West Coast Park is known at the "Play Center of the West"! With one of Singapore's largest adventure playground, cycling trails, picnic spots and even camping venue, it is a great venue for families looking for weekend fun! 

Let's take a look at what to expect when you visit this 50-hectres play venue! 

BYKIDO Tip: To get to the playground, search for West Coast Park McDonalds, instead of West Coast Park on Google Maps. 

Adventure Playground

The biggest reason for families to visit will be for the adventure playground! Here you can expect sand play, adventure play, inclusive play, and so much more that caters to different families! 

The playground features highly on our list of top outdoor playgrounds, and there are so much to talk about, so let us highlight the play equipment at the Adventure Playground that families will be excited to know about! 

Flying Fox

A huge draw for the kids (and many adults) is the flying fox located at the playground. There are a total of 4 flying foxes for families to zoom from one end to another - just be prepared to do some chasing up and down both ends of the flying fox! 

Pyramid Rope Climb 

For the older ones, they may get excited about scaling up the Pyramid Rope Climb! This rope structure challenges the kids to get to the top and slide down on the slides! 

Be careful when you visit in the day as the slides are made of metal and can get quite hot too! 

Inclusive Play

The playground includes elements of inclusive play. With padded grounds, the inclusive play includes the round-about and an a inclusive swing too. Check out our list of inclusive playgrounds and let us know if there are more that we have missed! 

Sand Play 

Majority of the play areas are filled with sand! So do come prepared with buckets, shovels, spades and more! A change of clothes can also be prepared as there are wash areas near the playground for getting rid of sand too! 

Cycling Paths 

The park is more than just the area around the playground. A cycling path goes around the park from the Eastern portion around the playground. You will even find a GoCycling Kiosk to rent your bicycle at the park, it is located near to Carpark 2 (not the carpark near to McDonalds). See more bike rental services here

You may bring your own scooters to ride around and alternate between playing and riding too! The more adventurous may wish to ride along the West Coast Park Connector linking Pandan Reservoir to West Coast Park and Clementi Woods Park. 

Kite Flying

With huge open spaces and the sea breeze, the venue is also ideal for kite flying too. Bring along your kites, find an open space and show off your skills as a master kite flyer (or not). 

But remember to cover yourself in sunscreen and protect yourself from the sun when you are out there too! 

Picnics and McDonald's

With the open spaces, it is also a great spot for families looking to have their picnic while having fun! You can pack your own food or simply purchase at the nearby Mcdonald's too! 

If the weather turns, there is always the option of eating in, at the fast-food chain! 


Only allowed in Area 3, near to the toilets at the Adventure Playground. Families who wish to camp will need to apply for a camping permit via this website or an AXS machine. 

It is important to note, unlike it's distant cousin, the East Coast Park, West Coast Park does not actually have a beachfront. Instead, you can sit by the riverwalk and enjoy the sea breeze while watching the ships sail by! 

Here it is! We definitely loved the playground and think it is one of the largest outdoor playground in Singapore. Do you agree with us! Join us in conversation on our social media (check out our Live Video at West Coast Park when we visited on 3 Apr 2021) too! 


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