Sembawang Park Battleship Playground | What To Expect And How To Get There

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Located at Sembawang Park is an impressive Battleship outdoor playground that pays homage to the Sembawang Naval Base! 

Location: Sembawang Park, Sembawang Road
Opening Hours: 24 hrs daily (lighting hours: 7 pm - 7 am)
Admission: FREE

Situated in the north of Singapore facing the Johor Straits, Sembawang Park is a tranquil park away from the bustle of the city. Blending nature with history, visitors to the park may relive part of Singapore’s naval heritage. Walk along the restored old pathways used during the British occupation or visit the Beaulieu House (built in the 1910s), the Sembawang jetty and the remains of the 1920s Seletar Pier. 

Visiting The Battleship Playground At Sembawang Park

*Note: The playground was renovated and reopened in 2021. You will see a mixture of photos from before and after the renovation.

The maritime-themed playground at the park pays homage to the park's links to the naval history of Singapore. Sembawang Naval Base used to be a base for the British navy and the park was within the base's compound together with many historical buildings, including the black and white housing you will see around. 

Sembawang Naval Base is now a commercial entity and you may still look into the shipyard from the top of the playground too and even hear the sounding of horns from the shipyard too! 

The playground is modelled like a warship with gun-turrets, propellers. rudder, a upper deck and more. It sits in the middle of the sandpit, making it look like a beached shipwreck waiting to be explored! 

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With a climbing wall, poles, nettings and firemen poles, the kids will be climbing around the playground and exploring the ship! To get off the ship, you can use the ropes, side nettings, slides or the firemen pole too! 

Don't forget to bring along your sand buckets, spades and shovels to play in the sand too! Little ones may also have a go on the swing and rope climbing equipment at the side of the main structure. 

Sembawang Park Playground

If you are concern about the kids (or yourself) getting dirty, do not worry as there are toilets with changing rooms and washing areas located nearby too! 

What Else Can Families Do At Sembawang Park?

The park is a wonderful place to bring the kids for a run, scoot and bike! You may even choose to do a picnic or BBQ Pit if the situation allows. Families may also head to the Beaulieu House for a meal facing the sea. 

The venue has a long history, first built in the 1910s by businessman Joseph Brooke David, when it was used as a holiday retreat. It was later taken over by the British navy and served as a home to several military officials, before becoming the residence of the Chief-of-Staff of the Far East Fleet in the 1960s. Perhaps the meal taste a little different when you know the history! 

What To Bring When Visiting Sembawang Park? 

Definitely remember to bring the usual - sunblock, hat, insect repellent, water and wet wipes. In addition, we suggest bringing extra change and definitely sand play equipment too! 

Getting To Sembawang Park Playground


Sembawang Park Playground

By Public Transport

There is only 1 bus into the park. Take Bus 882 and alight at the Sembawang Park Carpark 1 along Sembawang Road. 

By Car

Don't make the mistake of turning into the carpark with the Sembawang Park signage. Drive further down to Carpark 1 where the playground is located nearer to. 


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