Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation Part 2

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Plan the best #homecation for your family; Movie nights, walks in the park and more things to do in Singapore with your kids during the holidays!

Previously, when the Circuit Breaker measures were in place, we published a guide to enjoying a family homecation (a vacation at home), since simply binging on Netflix might start to get monotonous.

Now that we’re well into phase 2 of post-Circuit Breaker and you are free to venture out, we figured we’ll help you plan another Homecation! This one, not restricted to within the walls of your house, especially since many places are now open.

Alternatively, you can book a staycation at a hotel to stretch out your legs.

1. Just Chill Out

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation Part 2 - Exercise with kids
Source: MoneyCrashers

You don’t always have to be doing something, especially when you’re on a homecation because then when you return to your daily life, you’re still going to be tired. The idea is to rest and relax.

You can exercise and meditate with your kids. If they’re still very active afterward, keep them busy with activity sheets and online games while you stretch your feet out on the couch with a refreshing glass of orange juice (or wine, no one’s judging).

2. Take a Walk Amidst the Greeneries

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation Part 2 - Nature Walk/Lower Peirce Reservoir
Lower Peirce Reservoir/Source: National Parks Board

We may not have rows of sakura blossom trees or fields of tulips but we do have pockets of nature scattered around Singapore. Be it going on a stroll or hitting up a trail in the park, take a short respite and replenish your energy in the embrace of nature. You might even catch a thieving monkey in action!

3. Have a Themed Movie Night

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation Part 2 - Movie Night/Despicable Me
Despicable Me/Source: Universal Pictures

Now that the theatres in Singapore are open with safety measures in place, you do have the option of going down to watch a movie in the big-screens. But why do that when you can have so much fun with movie nights?

Instead of throwing some random movies together, choose a theme for the night and pick your movies based on it. You can even dress-up, put some decorations and prepare munchies related to your theme.

You can have a Dramatic Monday with The Great Gatsby, Little Women and Casablanca: Horrorific Wednesday with It, The Conjuring and Halloween: Fantasy Friday with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean and: child-friendly Saturday with Mary Poppins, Despicable Me and Toy Story.   

4. Give in to Retail Therapy

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation Part 2 - Retail Therapy
Source: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

There is something about shopping that allows you to de-stress. If you had kept some savings aside for your summer vacation this year, you can use it to fuel your retail therapy instead. You have the freedom to get anything you want from your couch, from stationery and books to clothes and throw pillows (you can’t have enough of them, right?). Alternatively, you can just “window” shop as well. One can dream after all.

5. Take up Gardening

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation Part 2 - Gardening/The Green Capsule Open Terrarium
Source: The Green Capsule

Big sprawling backyards, while would be a nice perk, are not a requirement for gardening. There are many plants you can grow in your apartment together with your kids. If you’re hesitant about it, you can start with the low-maintenance terrariums and polish your green fingers with them. There are many DIY kits available that’ll get you started on building terrariums. You can find some here if you’re not sure where to look.

6. Dress Up for Dinner

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation Part 2 - Dinner/COMO Cuisine
Source: COMO Cuisine/Instagram

With restaurants now open for dine-in (limited to 5 people in a group), you might want to take a break from the usual chicken rice (or whatever your go-to meal is). Imagine you’re in a different country, wouldn’t you want to try out their delicious food offerings? Now, pretend you’re in a different country and go try out that Bhutanese Momo you’ve been craving (we’re thinking COMO Cuisine but of course, you’re free to take your pick!).

7. Pitch a Tent Indoors

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation Part 2 - Blanket Fort
Source: BrickRedBard/Pixabay

How do you make a normal homecation into a magical homecation? Well, first you pitch a tent in your living room, drag some pillows in and add in some entertainment (books, games, laptop, or smartphone). Then you burrow in with some nosh to keep your mouth busy! If you don’t have a tent or need a bigger one to fit the whole family, you can build a fort with bedsheets and blankets instead. Forgo the comforts of your bed and bunk in the fort for the night for a more novel experience.


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