6 Easy Plants to Grow with Kids in Singapore

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Watching something under their care grow and flourish can give little ones an immense amount of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment, which makes gardening a great activity for kids.

Easy Plants to Grow with Kids in Singapore
Source: Angelibebe

Whether you want to teach your kids responsibility or give them an outlet to get dirty, you will need to select plants that germinate fast to keep your tots’ short attention spans.

To help you out, here’s our pick of 6 plants that are easy to grow.

1. Marigolds

Easy Plants to Grow with Kids in Singapore - Marigolds
Source: Bruno/Pixabay

A marigold plant is a great way to introduce your kids to gardening because these hardy little flowers can withstand any rough handling by little gardeners. Depending on the kind of marigold seed you’ve planted, it’ll take about five to 10 days to germinate and about two to three months to flower.

2. Balsam

Easy Plants to Grow with Kids in Singapore - Balsam
Source: Couleur/Pixabay

Add a touch of color to your garden of veggies and herbs with a garden balsam. All it needs is some fertile soil, full sun and a moderate amount of water, and it will grow well. Balsam blooms come in a variety of colors like red, pink and white, so they can be refreshing to look at. They’ll germinate in about 10 to 15 days and bloom in 60 to 70 days.

3. Thai Basil

Easy Plants to Grow with Kids in Singapore - Thai Basil
Source: Ravensong Seeds & Herbals

The aromatic Thai basil plants thrive under the sun which makes it a great plant to grow in Singapore. The seeds will germinate in about three to four days in a warm climate and it’ll take about 50 to 75 days before you can harvest the leaves. Whether you want to use them for your salads or stir-fry is up to.

4. Mizuna

Easy Plants to Grow with Kids in Singapore - Mizuna
Source: Healthy But Smart

Mizuna, which looks like a cross between arugula and mustard, is a vigorous grower that can be grown all year round. It takes about seven to 10 days to germinate from seed and will be ready to be harvested in six to eight weeks. If you pick the leaves at the early stages, the plants will continue to grow and you can continue to harvest it.

Mizuna has a mild peppery taste and you can use it in a variety of dishes like salad, stir-fry or pasta.

5. Cherry Tomatoes

Easy Plants to Grow with Kids in Singapore - Cherry Tomatoes
Source: Alicja/Pixabay

Round, bright and sweet, cherry tomatoes make for a fun addition to your garden. These prolific growers take about five to 14 days to germinate from seed and about two to three months to mature. Be sure to put them at a place where they can get lots of sunlight.

6. Eggplants

Easy Plants to Grow with Kids in Singapore - Eggplants
Source: Eric Michelat/Pixabay

Eggplants, also known as brinjals or aubergines, are another warm weather-loving plant. They’re fairly easy to grow if you stick them in a warm, sheltered place in your home and make sure the soil does not dry out. Eggplant seeds take about one to two weeks to germinate and three to four months to mature.

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