7 Places to Donate Your Old Clothes, Books & Other Goods in Singapore

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With the year-end almost upon us, it is about time to do some spring cleaning and that means you’ll likely come across clothes that you or your little ones are not able to fit in anymore, and old books that you no longer need or use. Instead of tying them all up in a plastic and dumping them in the trash and be done with it, why not donate it for someone who might need them?  

And if you don’t know who to donate it to, here’s a list of 7 places where you can donate your old clothes, books and other preloved items, in Singapore to help you!

1. Greensquare

Greensquare Textile Recycling
Photo credits Greensquare Textile Recycling

Who: Greensquare provides free textile recycling services.
Clean clothes, wearable paired shoes, accessories (belts, bags, etc.), household linen (bedsheets, towels, etc.)
Drop off at various locations (less than 15 kg) | Schedule a free collection (more than 15 kg)

2. Tzu Chi

Tzu Chi
Photo credits Tzu Chi

Who: Tzu Chi, is an international NGO providing humanitarian aid to the needy in over 90 nations worldwide.  

What: Newspaper, magazine, books, bottle, CD & DVD, metal container & utensils, electrical appliances, glass bottle, clothings

How: Drop off at Tzu Chi’s recycling points scattered across Singapore  

3. Salvation Army

Salvation Army

Photo credits Salvation Army

Who: Salvation Army runs a diverse range of programs to help meet the needs of the underprivileged in Singapore.

What: Clothing, books, toys, electronic devices, household goods, furniture

How: Drop off at Donation In Kind Booths | Schedule collection for bulky items

4. Metta Welfare Association

Metta Welfare Association
Photo credits Metta Welfare Association

Who: Metta Welfare Association provides health care and welfare services for the less fortunate in Singapore.

What: Wearable clothing, belts & handbags, books, newspapers, used computer, laptop

How: Place items in plastic bag and drop them in the recycling bin at the basement carpark of Metta Building (32 Simei Street Singapore 529950)

5. Blessings In A Bag

Blessings In A Bag
Photo credits Blessings In A Bag

Who: Blessings In A Bag strives to provide disadvantaged children with the essentials they need to thrive and to feel safe, valued and cared.

What: Children’s books, toys (Lego, jigsaw puzzles and educational board & card games), plates, mugs, glassware, decorative items –check their wishlist, updated based on the needs of their community

How: Drop off at Blessings In A Bag headquarters (315 Outram Road #08-06A Tan Boon Liat Building Singapore 169074) at specific timings

6. MINDS Shop

Photo credits MINDS

Who: MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore runs four flagship thrift stores, which provides an avenue for their intellectually disabled clients to learn how to interact with customers, build up their endurance and soft skills.

What: Clothes, accessories, baby & kids products & clothes, bags, shoes, books, kitchenware, sporting gear, collectibles, electronic gadgets less than a year old and in good working condition, musical instruments

How: Drop off at: MINDS Shop@Margaret, MINDS Shop@Woodlands or MINDS Shop@Rosyth

7. Help a Child – Donate a Book

Help a Child – Donate a Book
Photo credits Help a Child - Donate a Book

Who: Help a Child – Donate a Book aims to give underprivileged children in poorer countries a chance to enjoy reading, which they hope will eventually lead to further education and a job.

What: Preloved/new books, from simple pre-school and elementary level books teaching the alphabet to storybooks, preloved/new educational CDs or DVDs (Barney and Friends, Sesame Street, Thomas & Friends, etc.)

How: You can contact them via their website or email (alanrejo@gmail.com) for more information

Before Donating

Before packing all your preloved goodies in a bag and leaving them off in the doorstep of the different organizations, you might want to take a look at their website and find out what are the items they accept and do not accept. Also make sure to pack them well before depositing them, for example, wrap your knives and glassware in newspapers before placing them in a bag.



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