20 of the Best Coding Schools in Singapore For Kids in Singapore [2024 Updated]

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Coding skills are becoming increasingly important for the future and if you are looking for a coding school for your kids, here's a list of coding schools in Singapore for get you started! 

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top coding schools in Singapore for kids! In this digital age, coding skills have become increasingly crucial, and our guide is here to help you discover the best classes for your children. Coding lessons not only equip kids with the technical know-how of programming languages but also ignite their creativity, empowering them to design personalized apps.

Through coding, your child will develop problem-solving and reason-based intelligence, fostering valuable traits for future endeavors. In Singapore, coding classes cater to children at every stage of their development, offering engaging activities that foster creative thinking for preschoolers and delving into advanced topics like Python programming for older learners.

Join us on this journey to find the ideal coding school that will set your kids on a path to success!

1. Futurum Academy

Futurum Academy is a school dedicated to cultivate multidimensional and collaborative critical thinking among youths. The curriculum is anchored on computational thinking, integrating various disciplines such as coding, digital art, 3D design and printing, and engineering design to equip students with the best knowledge, skills, and abilities to be future ready.

Futurum Academy uses the project teaching method, so that while mastering STEAM knowledge, students can fully develop creative thinking, comprehensively improve their ability and attitude, and realize the leap from passive acceptance to active exploration.

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  • Address:¬†
    • City Hall Campus - Funan Mall, 107 North Bridge Road, #02-13/K05, S179105
    • Novena Campus - United Square Mall, 101 Thomson Road, #02-18/21, S307591
    • Serangoon Campus - Woodleigh Mall, 11 Bidadari Park Dr, #02-45, S367803
    • Pasir Ris Campus - Pasir Ris Mall, 8 Pasir Ris Dr 8, #02-51 s519467

  • Contact details: Tel:¬†+65 8039 8777, Email:¬†marketing@futurumsg.com
  • Website:¬†https://futurumacademy.com/

2. Nullspace Centre for Robotics Learning

Discover year-round robotics and coding classes at Nullspace Robotics, designed for children aged 5 to 16. These hands-on learning experiences introduce kids to engineering and programming concepts, teaching them to build and program robots, create games, and work on electronic projects.

Choose from various award-winning programs, including the STEM Explorer Weekly Programme, Robotics Certificate Programme, Inventor Certificate Programme, and Data Analyst Certificate Programme, catering to different skill levels. They also have newly launched weekly classes for the STEM Little Explorer Programme, which caters to young learners from ages 5 to 6.

With over a decade of experience and a strong track record in competitive robotics, Nullspace Robotics offers engaging enrichment programs, sparking creativity and empowering learners to reach their fullest potential. The class sizes are also kept small with an average instructor to student ratio of 1:4, providing learners with focused and personalised attention.

Use promo code BYKIDO50 to get $50 off your 1st course sign-up. Valid for minimum purchase of 10-hour course package (U.P. $460) and one time use per customer.

    3. Walnut Coding

    Walnut Coding, an online Coding School for kids aged 6 to 14 years old, was founded in 2017 with a vision to leverage innovative technology to democratize personalized learning, and it quickly became a success story.

    At Walnut Coding, young minds of the world learn coding while enhancing their crucial social skills like logical thinking, creativity, problem solving, computational thinking, math, and technology.

    The school stands out with its accessible and interative platform, which uses the power of gamebased learning to provide a fun and engaging environment for students where they can learn independently while watching animations and solving challenges under the guidance of our coding expert mentors.

    The school offers courses including Scratch and Python, empowering students to be able to build their own games and applications. Over 3 million students across 149 countries attend a total of 60,000+ online classes daily at Walnut Coding, so don't miss this chance to spark your child's curiosity and potential in the world of technology!

    Explore Walnut courses, where world-class expertise meets the seal of approval from Education Alliance Finland, setting the benchmark for education.

    Sign-up for a FREE trial today to experience what Walnut Coding has to offer!

    4. The Young Maker

    Established in 2020 by four NTU and NUS alumni, The Young Maker (TYM) is a coding and robotics school in Singapore that offers a unique, process-focused learning framework for children aged 4 to 18. 

    After years in the computer science field, the 4 founders noticed a gap in computer literacy during the COVID pandemic, and they launched TYM to equip young Singaporeans with essential digital skills like programming and robotics through fun and engaging educational experiences. 

    Today, the school provides a hands-on approach to teach coding and robotics, emphasising design thinking and collaboration on personalised projects. This approach fosters a creative, engaging, and nurturing learning environment, aimed at instilling a passion for learning and excellence in technology and innovation among its students.

    Operating seven days a week, parents will find classes suitable for children aged 4 to 18 at various skill levels.

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        5. AlphaGen

        AlphaGen Learning is a leading coding school that offers 1-on-1 online classes for kids aged 6 to 16. Your child receives personalized attention from a skilled and experienced teacher!

        AlphaGen Learning’s award-winning, Stem.org accredited curriculum has been created by experts and is designed to introduce kids to the foundations of coding in a fun and interactive way to cultivate their love for learning about coding and technology. With a range of technology areas including Mobile App Development, Web Development, Virtual Reality, Python, Minecraft and more, AlphaGen will be able to find a course that suits your child's interest.

        Beyond coding, AlphaGen Learning also focuses on developing essential skills like Logical Reasoning, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Academic Confidence, Creative Expression, and Curiosity. These 21st Century skills will set your child up for success not just in coding but in all areas of life. 

        6. The Lab Singapore

        At The Lab Singapore, we're not just a coding school; we're a hub of creativity, innovation, and limitless possibilities. As the largest coding school in Singapore, we're on a mission to inspire and empower the next generation of young minds in the most exciting and engaging way possible.

        Our approach is simple: We believe that learning should be fun, hands-on, and tailored to each individual. Whether your child is a budding programmer, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the world of coding, we provide a dynamic and supportive environment where they can explore, experiment, and ignite their passion for technology.

        From ages 5 to 16, we cater to a wide range of young learners, ensuring that every child can embark on their coding journey with us. Whether it's game development, robotics, web design, or any other exciting tech endeavor, The Lab Singapore is the ultimate destination for students of all ages eager to thrive in the digital age.

        With a team of dedicated educators, cutting-edge resources, and a wide range of programs, we've earned a reputation for turning coding and tech education into an unforgettable adventure. Discover a world where imagination knows no bounds, where coding is cool, and where learning is an exciting journey.

        Join us at The Lab Singapore and let the fun begin! Sign-up for a free trial class now! 

        • Address:
          • Kinex Mall: 11 Tanjong Katong Road #03-01/02,¬†Singapore 437157
          • The Centrepoint: 176 Orchard Road #03-18/19,¬†Singapore 238843
        • Contact details: Tel: +65 8916-0017 (WhatsApp),¬†contact@thelab.sg
        • Website:¬†https://www.thelab.sg/

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          7. The Brainery Code

          The Brainery Code, a leading provider of Coding and Robotics programs for kids aged 5 to 16, offers stimulating and engaging lessons that inspire ‚Äúlight bulb moments‚ÄĚ to fuel creativity. With KIDDO CODER‚ĄĘ, TINKER CODER‚ĄĘ, and PYTHON CODER‚ĄĘ programs, children as young as five can embark on a progressive coding journey. Utilizing platforms like Scratch, Micro: Bit, Minecraft Education, Codey Rocky, PYTHON, and more, there's something to captivate every child's interest.

          As the official PYTHON trainer for SHOPEE employees, The Brainery Code¬†runs¬†the wildly popular TECHCATION‚ĄĘ and TECHAdventure‚ĄĘ holiday camps and have produced competition winners representing Singapore in international events like World Robot Olympiad and RoboCup Asia Pacific in Costa Rica, Hungary, Russia, and Iran.

          • Address:
            • Jurong Branch: 134 Jurong Gateway Road #03-307D Singapore 600134.
            • Parkway Branch: 1 Marine Parade Central, Parkway Centre #06-02 Singapore 449408
          • Contact details: Tel: (+65) 8588 0583 (Jurong), 8588 0602 (Marine Parade), Email: enquiry@thebrainerycode.com
          • Website:¬†https://www.thebrainerycode.com/

          8. Roboto

          Roboto offers a tried-and-tested coding curriculum in over 100 schools by MOE-registered trainers across their three outlets for students aged 6 to 16. Interactive weekly sessions cover essential fundamentals such as Code Literacy and Computational Thinking.

          Rest assured, your child will feel safe as classes maintain a small group of 3 students per teacher, ensuring a comfortable and personalized learning pace. From creating websites to designing games, your little one will become a coding pro in no time! Embrace the world of coding with Roboto and unlock your child's potential for the future.

          • Address:
            • Orchard Branch: 250 Orchard Rd, Level 2, Design Orchard, Singapore 238905
            • Novena Branch: 199B Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307636
            • Tampines Branch: 856E Tampines Street 82, Singapore 525856
          • Contact details: Tel: +65 9193 8589. Email:¬†hello@roboto.sg
          • Website: https://roboto.sg/

          9. Loshberry Code Studio

          Loshberry's innovative approach focuses on kinesthetic and tactile activities to optimize young learners' experiences. They provide a distinctive blend of physical and on-screen activities in their specially designed coding and computational thinking classes, ensuring kids stay engaged.

          For children aged seven and above, the Coding Discovery Camp offers a signature introduction to basic programming concepts, fostering spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, creativity, and resilience. Additionally, they offer weekly coding classes and short coding workshops tailored to age groups: 7 to 9, 10 to 12 and 13 and above. Embrace a dynamic learning journey with Loshberry and unlock your child's full potential in the world of coding.

          10. The Lavender Spaceship Project

          The Lavender Spaceship Project is an exclusive online coding school tailored for girls aged 7-18, regardless of experience level. Their "girl-centric" approach aims to foster a passion for coding and technology among young girls.

          Led by certified and experienced instructors, the core coding classes boast fun and engaging projects, empowering girls to tackle real-world challenges. The curriculum covers a diverse range of projects, from creating games and animated stories to designing web pages and 3D modeling.

          The program features inspiring female role models in science and technology, motivating girls and showcasing their potential in STEM fields. Divided into three age groups, Rover (7-8 years), Apollo (9-11 years), and Falcon (12-18 years), their curriculum introduces girls to Scratch, 3D modeling, Python programming, and much more.

          11. SG Code Campus

          SG Code Campus, known as "the serious code school," collaborates with tech giants like Amazon Web Services and Apple, catering coding classes for youth and professionals. Trusted by brands such as PayPal and Shopee, the school boasts a qualified team of coding instructors, offering classes for 7 to 18-year-olds.

          For ages 7 to 12, students begin with Scratch, Blockly, Micro: Bit, App Inventor, and Python. Those aged 13 to 18 dive into real-world coding, exploring app development and data analytics using Python and Javascript.

          For those seeking an advanced education, SG Code Campus presents AWS Technical Essentials, an AWS training and certification course focused on designing cloud solutions for real-world challenges.

          • Address:
            • Bukit Timah Branch: 587 Bukit Timah Road, Coronation Plaza, #03-15, Singapore 269707
            • Tampines Branch: Tampines Plaza 1, 3 Tampines Central 1 #06-03, Singapore 529540
            • Tanjong Pagar Branch: International Plaza, 10 Anson Road #36-06, Singapore 079903
          • Contact details:¬†Tel: +65 3129 4406. Email:¬†enquiries@sgcodecampus.com
          • Website: https://www.sgcodecampus.com/

          12. Code Ninja

          Code Ninja, aptly named for its stealthy approach to coding education, places coding on par with reading and writing. Guiding kids on an exciting journey, their cozy class sizes of only six students ensure focused progression while practical skills are instilled for real-life application. Experience the benefits of weekly classes, trial lessons, and holiday camps.

          Code Ninja provides an exceptional coding education with experienced instructors, an ideal teacher-to-student ratio, personalized learning, and flexible class schedules. Equip your child with invaluable coding skills and empower them for the future at Code Ninja!

            13. Logiscool

            Logiscool is where coding becomes an exciting journey with their young and skilled trainers. As one of the most extensive program schools worldwide, They’ve trained over 100,000 students in coding, making us a trusted name in the industry.

            Kids aged 6 to 18 delve into coding courses featuring diverse activities, like recreating arcade games and developing website backends. Parents can also witness their child's progress firsthand by sitting in engaging lessons. Join Logiscool and ignite your child's passion for coding in a fun and inspiring learning environment.

            • Address:
              • Bedok Branch: 750 Chai Chee Rd, #01-14/14A Esr Bizpark @ Chai Chee, 469000 Singapore
              • Choa Chuk Kang Branch: Blk 284 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3, B1-330, 680284 Singapore
              • Harbourfront Branch: HarbourFront Centre, 1 Maritime Square, #04-01 Singapore
              • Hougang Branch: 21 Hougang Street 51 #02-10 Hougang Green Shopping Mall 538719 Hougang Singapore
              • Jurong West Branch: #02-254B Gek Poh Shopping Center, Block 762 Jurong West Street 75, Singapore 640762
            • Contact details:¬†https://www.logiscool.com/sg/locations
            • Website: www.logiscool.com¬†

              14. Ripplecreate

              Ripplecreate is a trusted name in technology education among educators from over 300 schools in Singapore and beyond. Their expertise shines through large-scale coding education camps with community-based organizations and support for tech-based CCA programs, ensuring age-appropriate and fun tech courses for kids of all ages.

              They welcome children aged seven and up into a world of comprehensive and holistic STEAM-based coding education. Each child receives a structured progression pathway with well-thought-out objectives tailored to their age and abilities. Embark on an exciting coding journey with Ripplecreate, where every child's potential is nurtured, and learning becomes a delightful adventure.

                15. Children’s Worklab

                Since 2007, Children’s Worklab has offered hands-on learning experiences for children, integrating Lego and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics) concepts. Geared towards children aged eight and above, their two-day Minecraft Coding Camp merges play and coding instruction, guiding participants to create user-made modifications (mods) in Minecraft using coding languages like Java.

                This interactive program not only showcases the results of their programming efforts but also equips children with fundamental programming skills, computational thinking abilities and nurtures their creativity.

                16. Coding Lab

                Unlock your child's creative potential and bring their imaginations to life with Coding Lab! At this institute, kids can build an entirely original game from scratch or develop practical apps like chatbots, health advisers, and programs to benefit society. It offers expert coding instructors hailing from top universities worldwide and boasts an impressive track record of producing local and global competition winners.

                The institute uses an award-winning, MIT-inspired curriculum that fosters computational thinking, problem-solving skills, and a genuine passion for coding. With classes tailored for 5 to 18-year-olds, it has a wide presence in Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Choose from physical and online coding classes designed for beginners and advanced learners, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. Let Coding Lab be your child's gateway to a world of coding exploration and creativity!

                17. LCCL Coding Academy

                Explore the thrilling realm of coding at the LCCL Coding Academy's campus, where children can participate in intellectually engaging and enjoyable coding classes. Dedicated instructors equipped with computer science and engineering expertise not only teach coding but also foster essential computational thinking and problem-solving skills in the learners.

                Thanks to its robust curriculum, students have achieved remarkable success, securing 1st place in the National Robotics Competition coding challenge across primary, secondary, and pre-school categories. LCCL’s Curriculum caters to diverse age groups: Early Creators (ages 5-7) foster learning attitudes while solving logical challenges with friendly cartoon friends; Coding Fundamentals (ages 8-11) hone algorithmic thinking through coding games, animations, and apps and Robotics follows suit.

                18. Presence Pictures

                Established in 2017, Presence Pictures aims to empower children with cutting-edge expertise to code the Metaverse, 3D virtual landscapes for VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). Students here learn to construct their immersive creations. Presence Pictures guided the creation of over 2,000 impressive VR and AR realms within the Presence Metaverse.

                Impressively, their students' talents have been showcased in prominent places like the famous Singapore Art Museum and the National Museum of Singapore through large-scale digital interactive installations. The young coders have also earned esteemed recognition, winning competitions like the Visual-Spatial Mathlympics and the prestigious Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor's Award.

                The Creator classes provide a platform for children aged 6-14 to hone coding and 3D creativity for immersive technologies. A clear progression pathway from Junior Creator to Senior Creator allows students to advance further.

                19. Computhink

                Join Computhink's weekly classes and immerse your child in a fun, hands-on coding journey. Led by expert programmers, kids aged seven to sixteen will explore various coding languages and software through cool themes, progressing at their own pace.

                The programming classes provide opportunities for your little ones to design programs and code with creativity. Choose from Saturday classes or holiday camp programs to suit your child's schedule. Computhink's approach integrates computational thinking to guide your child through the early stages of coding, fostering a solid foundation for their coding adventure. Ignite your child's passion for programming at Computhink today!

                20. Saturday Kids

                Saturday Kids has been Singapore's pioneering coding school for kids since 2012! As an impact-driven school, its mission is to inspire kids to create a better future using technology. They also foster curiosity and problem-solving skills, empowering children to tackle real-world issues independently.

                Their coding classes combine fun and relevant topics, from building Meme Maker apps to coding with Roblox. Discover workshops delving into themes like climate change and poverty, culminating in Scratch projects addressing these global challenges. Choose from boot camps, holiday camps, or one-off workshops and embark on an exciting coding journey with Saturday Kids!

                • Address:
                  • Bukit Timah Branch: 1 Jln Anak Bukit, #02-41, Singapore 588996
                  • Orchard Central Branch: 181 Orchard Road, #10-01, Singapore 238896
                  • Agora Colearning Branch: 1 Maritime Square, #04-01, HarbourFront Centre, Singapore 099253
                • Contact details: Email: hello@saturdaykids.com, Tel: +65 9051 8727
                • Website: https://www.saturdaykids.com


                In conclusion, Singapore offers a diverse array of top coding schools for kids, each presenting unique and innovative approaches to nurturing young tech enthusiasts. Whether you are looking to kickstart your child's journey or to dig deeper into a specific tech area specialisation, there are many options for you to consider - from AR, VR, Robotics to Scratch, Python and more! 

                So go ahead and discover your child's interest and talent in this exciting space! 


                While care has been taken to ensure the information provided is up to date, there might be changes after publishing and we encourage you to visit the individual website for the latest information. Feel free to contact us if you spot any errors or if you like to recommend another coding school. 

                *Photo Credits: Images from school's website or Facebook page unless otherwise stated. 



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