15 Places with Online Enrichment Classes for Kids | Fitness, Arts & Music Classes!

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It’s understandable if your little ones are starting to get bored or fidgety just staying indoors. After all, just how much can you even do stuck at home? Turns out, quite a lot, from playing around with DIY sets and getting creative to watching movies and storytime videos.

Now, here’s something else your little ones can do without leaving the house – pick up a new skill! Here are 15 places offering online enrichment classes for children of different ages and interests, from dance and language to arts and music!

1. Kinderdance Singapore

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - Kinderdance Singapore
Source: Kinderdance

Who: Kinderdance provides education through dance, motor development, gymnastics, and fitness programs blended with numbers, colors, shapes, words, and songs for children ages 2 – 12.

What: Offers online dance and yoga classes for kids from ages 3 to 12. In addition to building self-confidence and self-esteem, the program also allows little ones to express themselves through movement and develop a strong body.

When [Schedule]:
Kids Dance: Mon, Wed & Fri: 10 am – 10.30 pm/3.30 pm – 4 pm | Tue & Thu: 11 am – 11.30 am/4.30 pm – 5 pm  
Paid - $2 eVoucher for 2 Online Yoga Classes at $5 (U.P. $10)

Kids Yoga: Mon – Fri: 9 am – 9.30 am/8 pm – 8.30 pm
Paid - $2 eVoucher for 2 Online Yoga Classes at $5 (U.P. $10)

2. Our Music Studio

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - Our Music Studio
Source: Our Music Studio

Who: Our Music Studio brings little ones on a journey of musical discovery through the Music Leaning Process, a systematic approach based on Orff Schulwerk, Dalcroze and Kodaly frameworks.

What: Online Music Class suitable for children from 4 months and up. Classes are divided according to age group. You won’t be needing the actual instruments as substitutes like home-made bottle shakers and empty ice-cream tubs will be used during this online session.

When: Mon – Fri: Various timings
Paid - $15.55/class

3. My Gym

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - My Gym
Source: My Gym

Who: My Gym aims to nurture all children, their self-confidence and esteem, through meaningful play. In addition to independent lessons, they also have parent participation lessons.

What: Subscribe to My Gym’s YouTube channel to join in their free online classes for kids from 18 months and up.

When [Weekly Schedule]:
Every Tue (appx. 20 mins): School-based Program (18 mths – 4.5 yrs)
Every Thu (appx. 15 mins): Young Gym Program (below 3 yrs)
Every Fri (appx. 15 minds): Older Gym Program (above 3 yrs)

4. The Little Gym

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - The Little Gym
Source: The Little Gym

Who: The Little Gym is an infant and child-oriented fitness gym that offers recreational gymnastics, martial arts, and dance classes.

What: The Little Gym at Home is offering free virtual classes suitable for pre-k and grade school as well as for parent and child. You can either subscribe to their YouTube channel for the workout videos or join in the live sessions on Facebook.

When: Mon – Fri: Various timings

5. Karpenko Gymnastics Academy

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - Karpenko Gymnastics Academy
Source: Karpenko Gymnastics Academy

Who: Karpenko Gymnastics Academy is Singapore's first academy dedicated to rhythmic gymnastics and the Russian system of teaching it.

What: Offers online classes for both kids and adults. For more information, you can contact 9007 3647.

When: Varies from Mon to Sun (Group and Private Classes available)
Free trial | Paid subsequent classes

6. Yvonne Yogaroom Space

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - Yvonne Yogaroom Space
Source: bOn Bon/Instagram

Who: Teacher Yvonne is a yoga teacher and a mum who offers mindful movement practices for kids and adults alike. 

What: Teacher Yvonne’s Kids Mindful Movement Practice is an interactive session that will not only get your kids moving but also help them to relax

When: Wed (3 – 7 yrs): 11.15 pm – 12 pm | Fri (5 – 10 yrs): 4.15 pm – 5 pm
Pay as you wish

7. Art Wonderland

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - Art Wonderland
Source: Art Wonderland

Who: Art Wonderland promotes integrated learning of concepts such as numeracy, literacy and discovery of the world through the Arts. Not only will little ones be experimenting with a variety of art mediums and techniques but they will also be able to connect their learning to their everyday experiences.

What: Art Wonderland offers live-stream art classes comprising of fun facts, games, art history, and live demonstration suitable for young children. From 15 Apr to 1 May, they’ll be introducing watercolor painting to kids. You can stay tuned to their page to find more e-lessons on different topics of art.

When: Weekly: Various timings
Paid - $25/class | $60 for 3 weeks bundle

8. Evolve Arts

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - Evolve Arts
Source: Evolve Arts

Who: Evolve Arts is an international Creative Arts Centre based in Singapore. They run classes for all ages in Early Years, Theatre, Dance, Art, Singing Technique, Music and Musical Theatre.

What: Evolve Arts is offering online lessons and activities in the creative arts, such as ballet, drama and dance, for children from 18 months and up. Students will also get to access resources to complimentary activities. To find out more about the classes they are offering and the pricing, you can contact office@evolve-arts.com

When: Varies

9. Artfully Yours

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - Artfully Yours
Source: Artfully Yours

Who: Artfully Yours

What: You can engage your kids in hands-on artsy activities with Artfully Yours’ lesson plan. Biweekly, Artfully Yours releases new lesson plans that include a complimentary lesson kit. You can purchase it and it will be delivered to you for free. You will also get access to the lesson link with which you can start your home project.

When: Biweekly
Paid – Essential Kit (optional): $50 (U.P. $65) | Lesson Plan (incld free delivery & lesson kit): $30 - $40 (U.P. $38 - $45)

10. Tanglin Arts Studio

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - Tanglin Arts Studio
Source: Tanglin Arts Studio

Who: Tanglin Arts Studio aims to instill a passion for dance and performing arts that will assist students in their everyday lives. Both adults and children are welcome at the studio.

What: You can join in Tanglin Arts Studio’s virtual dancing class even if you’re not currently a student. You can check their schedule for information on ongoing classes. Keep an eye for the ones highlighted in purple, they are open for new students.

When: Weekly
Paid - $10 for all babyballet classes | $15 for all other open classes

11. BarreWorks Dance Studio

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - BarreWorks Dance Studio
Source: BarreWorks Dance Studio

Who: BarreWorks Dance Studio offers a wide range of dance and fitness classes that range from Classical Ballet, Contemporary and Yoga.

What: The studio may be closed but you can still dance from home with BarreWorks Dance Studio’s online tutorials. Divided into different categories – Baby Ballet, Pre-Primary & Primary, RAD Grades 1 to 5, and RAD Vocational tutorials – the tutorials offer stretching exercises and dance workouts for the different levels.

When: -

12. Kawai Music School

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - Kawai Music Studio
Source: Kawai Music School

Who: Kawai Music School offers Piano, Guitar, Violin & Flute Lessons for children and adults.

What: You can sign up for a 30-minute online trial lesson – Piano, Guitar or Drum – with Kawai Music School for free. For more information, you can contact them via Facebook.

When: Varies
Free Trial

13. Learn Violin Lessons

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - Learn Violin Lessons
Source: Learn Violin Lessons

Who: Learn Violin Lessons provides violin lessons for students of all ages, starting from as early as toddlers.

What: Learn Violin Lessons offers interactive online lessons for both adults and children. If you’re unsure about signing up or not, you can instead sign up to experience a trial class ($10) first.

When: Varies

14. The Little Executive

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - The Little Executive
Source: The Little Executive

Who: The Little Executive aims to equip Little Executives with a can-do attitude towards life and learning by building a strong foundation based on a 4Q – Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Executive Function Quotient (EFQ) and Resilience Quotient (RQ) – program.

What: The Little Executive offers virtual holiday camps to keep the little ones engaged, such as Dino Adventure, Read & Write Heroes and Frozen. They also offer Virtual Classroom Trial Lessons, which includes a trial lesson for kids and a parent orientation video.

Virtual Holiday Camp: Bet. 5 May – 29 May 2020
Paid –$240/camp  

Virtual Classroom Trial Lesson: Fri: 10 am – 10.30 am, 11 am – 11.30 am, 1 pm – 1.30 pm, & 2 pm – 2.30 pm | Sun: 3.30 pm – 4 pm
Virtual Classroom Trial Lesson + Parent Orientation: $15/child

15. Let’s Learn Chinese Together!

Online Enrichment Classes for Kids - Let's Learn Chinese Together
Source: Let’s Learn Chinese Together!/YouTube

Who: Let’s Learn Chinese Together!

What: Teacher Avelyn and her little assistant, Xi En, will be streaming Chinese lessons live from Facebook at the specified timings. You don’t have to worry if you missed something out during the lessons for the video recording of the class will be sent to you after class. You can WhatsApp them if you’re interested in joining the N2-K2 Chinese Class or the Lower Primary Chinese Class.

N2-K2 Chinese Class: 9, 16, 23 & 30 May 2020: 10.50 am – 11.30 am
Paid - $4 x 4 lessons

Lower Primary Chinese Class: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 May 2020: 11.45 am – 12.30 pm
Paid - $5 x 5 lessons


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