12 Places with Online Enrichment Classes for Kids | Fitness, Arts & Music Classes!

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Here is a list of places offering online enrichment classes for children of different ages and interests, from dance and language to arts and music!

It’s understandable if your little ones are starting to get bored or fidgety just staying indoors. After all, just how much can you even do stuck at home? Turns out, quite a lot, from playing around with DIY sets and getting creative to watching movies and storytime videos. Now, here’s something else your little ones can do without leaving the house – pick up a new skill!

Last updated: 18 Apr 2023

1. Geniebook

Who: Geniebook is a suite of online learning tools utilising AI-personalised innovations designed to help Primary 1 to Secondary 4 students achieve their goals.

What: Parents can expect AI-personalised worksheets, live online classes and real-time chat system connecting students with teachers to accelerate the learning of your child. Register for a Free Trial with Geniebook and also receive a Free Strength Analysis too!

When: Flexible

2. CUBEChinese

Who: CUBEChinese is an online Chinese learning platform dedicated to gather experienced educators all around the world to create a new era in Chinese learning and tailor curriculum for kids aged 3-12 based on their cognitive level and real-life scenarios.

What: CUBEChinese offers free online 45-min Chinese classes for you to better understand their offerings and also for them to understand the standard of your child.

When: Flexible

3. AlphaGen Learning – 1-on-1 Coding Classes

Who: AlphaGen Learning is a premier coding school that offers online classes for kids aged 6 to 16. Each class is held 1-on-1, so your child receives personalized attention from a skilled and experienced teacher.

What: AlphaGen’s award-winning curriculum has been created by experts and is Stem.org accredited. It is designed to introduce kids to the foundations of coding in a fun and interactive way, so your child will love learning about coding and technology. In addition to teaching kids the foundations of coding, AlphaGen Learning also focuses on developing essential skills like Logical Reasoning, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Academic Confidence, Creative Expression, and Curiosity. These skills will set your child up for success not just in coding but in all areas of life.

AlphaGen Learning covers a range of technology areas from basic to advanced, including Mobile App Development, Web Development, Virtual Reality, Python, Machine Learning, Minecraft and more. No matter what your child’s interests are, AlphaGen will be able to find a course that suits them.

When: Convenient scheduling options available. Book a free trial now and schedule a class at a time that works best for you!

4. LingoAce

Source: LingoAce

Who: LingoAce is a global EdTech platform delivering authentic, engaging and effective language-learning tailored to young learners’ modern engagement needs.

What: LingoAce is offering a free online Chinese trial class suitable for children 4 to 10 years old. Do note that redemption is only for new users and is valid for only 1 redemption per parent.

When: Varies 

5. CodeWizardsHQ

Source: CodeWizardsHQ

Who: CodeWizardsHQ is an online coding school for kids and teens ages 8 – 18.

What: Offers a series of teacher-led online coding classes that are beginner friendly. For children with coding experience (other than Scratch, Code.Org, Minecraft, etc), they can take an advance placement test to join an intermediate course based on their skill level.

When: Varies

6. Seimpi Education: S Class (Seimpi Classroom)

Photo Credit: Seimpi Education

Who: Seimpi Education Group has been a leading early childhood program provider in the region since 2002, with its Music for the intelligent Mind™ (MIM®) courses for pre-school children. In line with the recent movement in teaching and learning, Seimpi has re-structured its courses to provide more opportunities for inter-disciplinary 'phenomenon based' learning. They create activities such as ensemble performances, acting and singing, dance and music to allow for greater interaction and understanding among children. They also focus on 1 or 2 courses either in music, dance, singing, speech and drama or language as their 'major studies'. These efforts to create readiness in children not only give them a winning edge above others, but also enable them to learn and excel in a creative, fulfilling and fun environment.

What: S Class (Seimpi Classroom) is the Online Learning and Teaching platform of Seimpi Education. Find out more about S Class here.

When: Flexible

7. Little Earth Education

Source: Little Earth Education

Who: Little Earth Education's courses, designed for children from 3 to 12 years as well as adults, explore multiple intelligence through inquiry and experiential learning and develops children’s self-learning abilities.

What: Offers a range of on-site enrichment classes that ranges from quilling and decoupage to tapestry and punch needle. Currently, they are offering an online/on-site Maths Olympiad Trial Class for children from P1 to P5.

When: Varies

8. LVL Music Academy

Source: LVL Music Academy

Who: LVL Music Academy provides music lessons for students of all ages, starting from as early as toddlers.

What: In addition to on-site lessons, LVL Music Academy also offers lessons at your home as well as interactive online lessons for both adults and children. If you’re unsure about signing up, you can instead sign up to experience a trial class first. Fees for both trial and lessons vary depending on the instrument.

    When: Varies

    9. Doyobi

    Who: Together with parents and educators, Doyobi's mission is to help kids grow into original thinkers, develop self-awareness and a sense of purpose; and recognise the positive impact they can make in the world.

    What: Doyobi offers experiential learning journeys in virtual worlds, where kids ages 8 - 13 explore, collaborate and ideate with peers all over the world to solve problems and challenges based on real-world issues.

    When: Visit Doyobi for available time slots!

    10. EDOOVO

    Who: EDOOVO is an online enrichment platform designed to supplement your child’s school curriculum and stretch your child’s learning. Covering 3 core subjects - English, Chinese and Math, their holistic curriculum is suitable for all children aged 3 to 8 years old.

    What : Featuring real-time teaching by qualified teachers, EDOOVO's interactive online platform offers fun activities and cool in-class rewards, allowing your child to grasp greater, newer insights beyond their school curriculum, all while having fun! Additionally, the small-class format of up to 6 students effectively maximises attention and interaction between the teacher and every child. Your child’s learning will also be reinforced through the worksheets and lesson replays which will be made available after every lesson for all classes. Choose to start at the level best suited for your child based on his/her ability and prepare your child to transit effortlessly from early years to primary school.

    Sign up for a free trial now to experience it for yourself!

    When : Various timings at your convenience

    11. Think Academy

    Who: Think Academy Singapore conducts world-class online & in-person math programs with multiple difficulty levels in each grade to help Kindergarten to Primary 6 students excel in school classes and math competitions.

    What: Think Academy Singapore's math enrichment looks to develop essential problem-solving skills and build your child’s math foundations to solve out-of-the-box math questions.

    Suitable for 5 to 11 years old, trials are available for booking!

    When: Various timings

    12. Skill Samurai

    Source: Skill Samurai

    Who: Skill Samurai Singapore is an Artificial Intelligence, Coding and Robotics school for kids to young adults, helping them develop 21st century skill sets such as real world problem solving, creativity, analytical thinking, collaboration, communication, and ethics.

    What: Offers fun and interactive online trial classes suitable for kids above 6 years old. Register for a free Robotics / Coding trial to better understand their offering!

    When: Varies



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