16 Best Screen-free Activities for Kids To Keep Entertained!

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Where will we all be without our smartphones, tablets and other digital devices? Not only does it keep us entertained and help us educate ourselves, but it also helps to keep the little ones occupied, especially now when we can’t go out!

But too much screen time can be harmful, which is why we’ve compiled this list of activities and things that you can do with your kids away from the screen.

1. Organize – Get your kids to organize their belongings, such as their toys, books and clothes, into things they need, things to throw and things they can donate.

Screen-free Activities for Kids
Source: Tanaphong Toochinda/Unsplash

2. Paint – If you’re afraid of things getting a little dirty, then instead of restricting your little artists with brushes, you can experiment with finger painting and even splash painting.

3. Gardening – Involve your children in the gardening process. Let them plant their own seeds and give them the responsibility for caring for their plants.  

4. Draw – Inspire your kids by giving them topics that they can draw on. It could be their favorite memory, place, or character. You could even have them design posters for their favorite movies.  

Screen-free Activities for Kids - Reading
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5. Read – You can encourage reading in your children by joining them with a book of your own. If you don’t have enough books, you can check out the National Library Board’s wide collection of eBooks for children that you can access from your home.

6. Picnic – Spread out a mat in your balcony (or someplace with enough space), lay out the munchies and gather your family. You can enjoy the view, catch up with what’s going on with everyone or get nostalgic, it’s up to you.

7. Board games – Break out the board or card games and have a match with your little ones. And if you don’t have much gathering dust at home, you can just make your own!

8. Sports – Even without heading out, there are so many sports you can play at home, from soccer to golf. Get creative and then get scoring.

9. Do-It-Yourself – For a quick-and-easy hands-on activity, you can go for DIY kits that come with everything you’ll need to get started. We’ve got not one but two long lists of DIY kits, ranging from bubble kits and baking sets to science experiments and STEAM kits that can help you. 

10. Camp-in – Set up a tent in your living room or if you don’t have one, you can build a fort out of bedsheets and pillows instead, and snuggle up inside with your little ones and share silly stories from their childhood. Or even your childhood.

Screen-free Activities for Kids
Source: Rudy and Peter Skitterians/Pixabay

11. Bake – Bake some spongy cupcakes or chocolaty cookies and involve your little ones in the process. Get them to help you clean up after you’re done as well, it’ll nurture their sense of responsibility.

12. Make a list – Keep a dedicated journal for your kids to make lists and give them topics that they can brainstorm. It could be anything from places they want to go and countries they want to visit, to movies they want to watch and food they want to eat.

13. Color – You can find a wide variety of free resources for children online, ranging from spot the difference and trail maze to coloring sheets.

14. Dance party – Put together a playlist of upbeat songs and invite your little ones over for a little wiggle and shake shake.

15. Experiment – Science experiments like volcano eruption and invisible ink are simple and easy enough to conduct with your little ones from your home kitchen.

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16. Make Your Own Toys – If you have some scrap materials lying around in your house, you can use it to make your own toys. @7daysofplay is a great place to start looking if you’re in need of inspiration.

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