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A list of DIY kits, from art jamming sets to Kueh Dadar bake boxes, that you can attempt with your kids at home!

Previously, we compiled a list of DIY sets that you can get online, which features science experiment kits and bubble sets. Now we’re back with another list of DIY sets to keep your kids entertained that you can get delivered to your doorstep!

1. Experience Kits by EPIC Workshops

Experience Kits by EPIC Workshops
Source: EPIC Workshops

Even though you’re stuck at home, EPIC Workshops, a team-building workshop provider, wants you to be able to try out their workshops, which ranges from posy bouquet and soy candle making to art jamming and terrarium workshops. And that’s why they’re offering a series of Experience Kits. 

In addition to tile painting, tote bag painting, and clay experience kits, they also offer a parent-child bonding bundle, which includes three different experiences for you to try out with your kids.

Clay Experience Kit | $26
Tiles Painting Experience Kit |
Mummy – Child Bonding Bundle by EPIC Workshops |
$88 (Delivery included)

2. Art Jamming Sets by Café de Paris

Art Jamming Sets by Cafe de Paris
Source: Café de Paris  

For you to continue bringing out the Monet in you, CafĂ© de Paris, a Korean specialty and art jamming cafĂ©, is now offering art jamming sets with free standard delivery. Each set comes with different-sized brushes, acrylic paint, stationery, apron, and a medium—you can choose from either a canvas or a tote bag and drawstring pouch. 

Art Jamming Sets by Café de Paris | $37 for 1 set or $70 for 2 sets (Free delivery)

3. Fittonia Terrarium DIY Kit by Craftsforgreen

Source: Craftsforgreen

In addition to specializing in the customization of plant-related crafts for gifts and events, Craftsforgreen also provides workshops for kids, couples, groups, and teambuilding. And you can now get their themed Fittonia Terrarium DIY Kit on BYKidO for $37, inclusive of delivery.

You can have your choice of Elderly Couples, Porcelain Rabbits, Rainbow, Farm, or Fortune kit. Each kit comes complete with everything you’ll need to build your terrarium, from an open glass container and watering spray to pebbles and cushion moss. Don’t worry if you’ve never put together a terrarium before, the kit also includes an instructional and care tips sheet for your aid. 

Fittonia Terrarium DIY Kit by Craftsforgreen | $37 (Delivery included)

4. Airplant Greenwall DIY Kit by The Green Capsule

Source: The Green Capsule

If you love all things plants and nature then here's another one you should check out - the Airplant Greenwall DIY Kit by The Green Capsule. The kit comes with everything you will need, from air plants and preserved moss to wooden frame and adhesive! It also comes with one free figurine for your greenwall and you can choose from a variety - Panda, farm animals, Pokémon, Totoro, and more!

Airplant Greenwall DIY Kit by The Green Capsule | $50 (Delivery included)

5. DIY Kits by Make Your Own Workshop Café

DIY Sets by Make Your Own Workshop Cafe
Source: Make Your Own

Make Your Own Workshop Café is where you can enjoy DIY workshops alongside specialty coffee and drinks. They offer a series of corporate and individual workshops, such as Terrarium-making, Copperworks, Leather Craft, and Modern Calligraphy.

But since you can’t try out their workshops for the moment, you can instead try out their DIY Kits. Their offerings include Basic Modern Calligraphy, Dreamscape Fountain, Acrylic Pour, Kids Party Moss Terrarium, and Globescape Terrarium DIY Kits. While items like figurines and colored sand are not part of the kit, you can still purchase them at the online store. Delivery is free when you purchase a minimum of $50.

DIY Kits by Make Your Own Workshop Café | $18 - $39

6. Terrarium DIY Kits by Lush Glass Door

Terrarium DIY Kits by Lush Glass Door
Source: Lush Glass Door

Lush Glass Door is a terrarium boutique, where you can get a wide range of terrariums, from dome, cylindrical and geometrical terrariums to moss and zen terrariums. You can also get your hands on potted plants, air plants, as well as floral gifts and decorative materials. And if looking through the vast collection inspired you to make your own terrarium, you can, because they also offer Terrarium DIY Kits, instructions provided. You can select your choice of a terrarium, which includes the Succulent Glass Flat Bowl Terrarium, Succulent Diamond Geometric Glass Terrarium, and Airplant Terrarium, among others.

Terrarium DIY Kits by Lush Glass Door | $19.90 - $68

7. Baking Kits by The Little Things

Source: The Little Things

The Little Things is now offering a series of baking kits for making goodies like Gummy Thumbprint Cookies, Kueh Dadar, Kueh Lapis Sagu just for little bakers. The kits are packed with step-by-step, child-friendly pictorial instructions and freshly packed and labeled ingredients. The Kueh Dadar kit even comes with special child-sized equipment!

Baking Kits by The Little Things | $32 - $75

8. Bake n Deco Kit by Genius R Us

Source: Genius R Us

Baking is always a fun activity when you are doing it with your loved one and if you can't get enough of it, Genius R Us also has a series of hassle-free Bake n Deco Kits that you can check out. You can choose from Unicorn Cookies, Sleepy Hotdog Bread, I Heart Dad Giant Cookie, and Teddy Bear Brownies. Each kit comes with dry ingredients, topping as well as instructions for you and your child to bake your own delicious creations!

Bake n Deco Kit by Genius R Us | $70 for 2 kits, $126 for 4 kits or $168 for 6 kits (Delivery included)

9. STEAM Science Kits by Trio Kids

Source: Trio Kids

There is just something inexplicably fun in building a volcano and watching it spew “lava” on your kitchen counter. If you can’t get enough of dabbling in science experiments with your kids, then Trio Kids’ Science Kits might interest you. They offer Amazing Universe DIY Kit with seven activities, Catch The Criminal DIY Kit that will spice up detective pretend play, Colour Changing Chemical DIY Kit with eight activities, Cosmic Jet Rocket DIY Kit, and Magical Science For Physic DIY Kit that teaches physics concepts through magic.

STEAM Science Kits by Trio Kids | $60 for 2 kits (Delivery included)

10. Art Kits by Artzillions

Source: Artzillions

The thing about creating art is that you don’t have to be a master. You can be as wacky as you want, which makes art a very fun activity. Artzillions offers a few art kits that allows you to explore your artistic side with your little ones. The Happy Art & Craft Box is a themed box that comes with a canvas, soft clay, acrylic paints, and tools, which you can use to explore the various art mediums, while the Joy Art & Craft Box is for creating your very own mosaic masterpiece and consists of a colourful range of mosaic tiles, glue, grout, grouting tools, a 22” plate, and two coasters

Happy Art & Craft Box | $49 (Delivery included)
Joy Art & Craft Box | $49 (Delivery included)

11. Playdough Kit by Twiddly Fiddly

Source: Twiddly Fiddly 

Playdough is a great tool for stimulating imagination and creativity. The fact that they keep little ones entertained for hours on end is an added bonus. Twiddly Fiddly creates sensory-rich thematic play kits packed with premium playdough and interesting treasures that are sure to inspire children’s imagination. You can have your pick from the different themes available, such as Hop Little Bunny, Outerspace and Whimsical Playdough Kit. 

Playdough Kit by Twiddly Fiddly | $15 - $38

12. Dinosaur Egg Digging Set by Mr Bottle's Kids Party 

Source: Mr Bottle's Kids Party

You can just buy a dinosaur toy from the store, but would it be as fun as digging out the dinosaurs by yourself? You can find out for yourself with Mr Bottle’s Kids Party's Dinosaur Egg Digging Set! Each set comes with a dinosaur egg, from which you will have to dig out a dinosaur figurine (about 3 cm in length). They also make for a great teaching tool as you can feed little ones information about the dinosaur that they have unearthed! 

Dinosaur Egg Digging Set by Mr Bottle's Kids Party | $28.70 for 3 sets (Delivery included) or $69.90 for 12 sets (Delivery included)



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