Learn about the World with Voyager in Google Earth | Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego

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Tour the world with a collection of map-based stories. Explore topics like travel, culture, nature, history, and for the little ones, games to educate them through entertainment. 

Visit Google Earth or download the Google Earth App on Android or iOS to explore map-based stories around the world through the Voyager initiative. 

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What does it mean? 

Anyone can now upload photos, tag locations and add descriptions within Google Earth to create a story. There is lots of potential use of this tool but what interested us is the educational angle. 

Google has teamed up with an initial group of content creators that allows you to dive into the sea, visit the International Space Station, learn about Tsunamis in History, and even visit cultural places. 

To keep the little ones entertained, there is a games category that includes various quizzes and the Carmen Sandiego series. 

Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

In this game, you are a global spy chasing the villain Carmen Sandiego as she zooms across the world. You will get to question witnesses who will give you clues on where Carmen Sandiego might be heading. 

We like it as it is a simple game for the little ones with general knowledge to be picked up as you progress through the game. 

Combining it with Google Earth and Street View makes this an extremely interactive experience that will also keep parents entertained! 


Spend some time exploring, and share with us which was your favourite Voyager story in the comments below. 


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