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7 Things for Kids to Explore with Google | AR Insects, Games, Movies & More!

Educational and entertaining things kids can explore on Google search other than just search for information! Google is as vast as the ocean and that means the possibilities are endless. Not only do we get to have a ton of information at our fingertips with just a tap of a button but we also get to explore the world and the things in it! 1. AR Insects in Google Search We’ve seen AR animals, dinosaurs, and now if you want to invite giant beetles or hornets into your living room without fear, Google has added 23 creepy crawlies to its AR Search results. The full list of insects includes Rhinoceros beetle, Hercules beetle, Atlas beetle, stag beetle, giant stag, Miyama stag beetle,...

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Travel back in time with AR dinosaurs in Google Search

Google Search is upping the AR games with it's newest addition, Dinosaurs! This is after the Google made viewing animals, micro-organisms and the human body in AR possible. Have you tried viewing the 3D AR animals via Google Search? Or to take a closer look at Micro-organisms? How about a dive into the Human Body?  Regardless of your previous experience (or lack of), you can now create your very own "Jurassic World" in your home's living room as Google Search brings 10 dinosaurs alive through its 3D AR capabilities.  How to view the dinosaur? Search for a dinosaur on Google using a mobile device and tap “View in 3D” to rotate or zoom in and see it up close. You...

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View Microscopic Organism at Home with 3D and AR in Google Search

Get a magnified view of our microscopic world through Google Search! With the AR capabilities, you can bring a 3D cell into your space to rotate it, zoom in and view details about its different components. Seeing is often understanding. But tiny organisms, like cells, are hard to visualize unless you can magnify them to understand what’s inside. We’ve partnered with Visible Body to create AR models of animal, plant and bacteria cells, including some of their key organelles. Search for animal cell and zoom into its nucleus to see how it stores DNA or search for mitochondria to learn what’s inside it. Also Read: Google Search and See The Human Anatomy in 3D and AR. Using suitable devices, you can now engage with the 3D cell using AR and...

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BioDigital Human | 3D Anatomy Online Visualiser on Google

Google's Augmented reality (AR) in Search lets you bring 3D objects into your space, and now you can even see a heart up close to understand how it pumps blood to provide oxygen. It's akin to taking a virtual trip through the human body. Partnering with BioDigital, Google now allows you to explore the human body systems with AR in Search on mobile. Simply search for circulatory system and tap “View in 3D” to see a heart up close or look up skeletal system to trace the bones in the human body and see how they connect. Read labels on each body part to learn more about it or view life-size images in AR to better understand its scale. What is Available to Explore Human digestive system, respiratory system,...

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10 Iconic Sites around the World to Visit from Your Home

Travel with your kids from the safety and comfort of your couch at home! Why limit your travels to the kitchen from your living room, when you can see the world? With the current COVID-19 situation and circuit breaker in place, we understand if you get tired of the interior of your house. Add a little zest to your day by going on a virtual tour to iconic places around the world! And in these tours, there’s no hassle to traveling with kids! 1. Tower Bridge | London Source: Google Earth Visit: Tower Bridge Located in London, England, the Tower Bridge is sometimes confused with the London Bridge, which is located a little way upstream. Built in the late 1800s,...

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