Travel back in time with AR dinosaurs in Google Search

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Google Search is upping the AR games with it's newest addition, Dinosaurs! This is after the Google made viewing animals, micro-organisms and the human body in AR possible.

Have you tried viewing the 3D AR animals via Google Search? Or to take a closer look at Micro-organisms? How about a dive into the Human Body? 

Regardless of your previous experience (or lack of), you can now create your very own "Jurassic World" in your home's living room as Google Search brings 10 dinosaurs alive through its 3D AR capabilities. 

How to view the dinosaur?

Search for a dinosaur on Google using a mobile device and tap “View in 3D” to rotate or zoom in and see it up close. You can then bring the dinosaur into your space with AR and adjust its size to understand how big it is in relation to the things around you. On Android devices, turn up your volume to hear the thudding footsteps and roars of each dinosaur. 

Which dinosaurs are available?

Dinosaurs that are viewable in AR include: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon, and Parasaurolophus.

Record and Share too!

On Android, search for “dinosaur” or one of the 10 dinosaurs on the Google app or any Android browser and tap “View in 3D.” You can see 3D content on devices running with Android 7 and above and you can see AR content on ARCore-enabled devices. Easily explore all dinosaurs using the carousel format. 

On iOS, search for “dinosaur” or one of the 10 dinosaurs on the Google app or on with Chrome or Safari. 3D and AR content is available on devices running iOS 11 and above.

You can also create AR videos—or recreate your favorite scenes from the “Jurassic World” movies—with the recording option. Don’t forget to tag your photos and videos on social with #Google3D and #JurassicWorld.


Have you tried? Tell us how WOW it was in the comments! 


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