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Travel back in time with AR dinosaurs in Google Search

Google Search is upping the AR games with it's newest addition, Dinosaurs! This is after the Google made viewing animals, micro-organisms and the human body in AR possible. Have you tried viewing the 3D AR animals via Google Search? Or to take a closer look at Micro-organisms? How about a dive into the Human Body?  Regardless of your previous experience (or lack of), you can now create your very own "Jurassic World" in your home's living room as Google Search brings 10 dinosaurs alive through its 3D AR capabilities.  How to view the dinosaur? Search for a dinosaur on Google using a mobile device and tap “View in 3D” to rotate or zoom in and see it up close. You...

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View Microscopic Organism at Home with 3D and AR in Google Search

Get a magnified view of our microscopic world through Google Search! With the AR capabilities, you can bring a 3D cell into your space to rotate it, zoom in and view details about its different components. Seeing is often understanding. But tiny organisms, like cells, are hard to visualize unless you can magnify them to understand what’s inside. We’ve partnered with Visible Body to create AR models of animal, plant and bacteria cells, including some of their key organelles. Search for animal cell and zoom into its nucleus to see how it stores DNA or search for mitochondria to learn what’s inside it. Also Read: Google Search and See The Human Anatomy in 3D and AR. Using suitable devices, you can now engage with the 3D cell using AR and...

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5 VR/AR Play Experiences in Singapore Suitable for Little Ones

Imagining yourself to be treasure hunters and heroes on a mission may bring you on fantastical adventures beyond reality. But can you imagine, what would it be like to be in such a world? Here are 5 places with AR/VR play experiences where you can bring the little ones on such thrilling next-level adventures! 1. Pirate Land | VR Game Room Photo credits Pirate Land Pirate Land is a pirate-themed indoor playground with an assorted range of activities, one of which is a multiplayer VR Game Room. Outfitted with a backpack, a Virtual Reality headset and a weapon, you will be sent off on a combat mission. You can choose to play against each other in your group or you...

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