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Travel back in time with AR dinosaurs in Google Search

Google Search is upping the AR games with it's newest addition, Dinosaurs! This is after the Google made viewing animals, micro-organisms and the human body in AR possible. Have you tried viewing the 3D AR animals via Google Search? Or to take a closer look at Micro-organisms? How about a dive into the Human Body?  Regardless of your previous experience (or lack of), you can now create your very own "Jurassic World" in your home's living room as Google Search brings 10 dinosaurs alive through its 3D AR capabilities.  How to view the dinosaur? Search for a dinosaur on Google using a mobile device and tap “View in 3D” to rotate or zoom in and see it up close. You...

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A World Of Married Couple To Air Special Episodes | Mummies Watch Out!

While the grand finale of A World of Married Couple has been aired, the drama is not quite over yet. Special episodes featuring cast interviews and more will be available on Viu! Capturing the world by storm, A World of Married Couple, had many Mummies (and Daddies) dutifully tuning in every weekend to uncover the highly riveting plot. Now that this most-watched K-Drama in South Korea’s cable television history has ended, is there anything to look forward to? Rejoice! Fans of this most highly rated South Korean cable drama series will have something to perk them up! This coming Saturday (23 May) and Sunday (24 May), just six hours after Korea, you will be able to catch special episodes featuring cast interviews and more on Viu!...

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View Microscopic Organism at Home with 3D and AR in Google Search

Get a magnified view of our microscopic world through Google Search! With the AR capabilities, you can bring a 3D cell into your space to rotate it, zoom in and view details about its different components. Seeing is often understanding. But tiny organisms, like cells, are hard to visualize unless you can magnify them to understand what’s inside. We’ve partnered with Visible Body to create AR models of animal, plant and bacteria cells, including some of their key organelles. Search for animal cell and zoom into its nucleus to see how it stores DNA or search for mitochondria to learn what’s inside it. Also Read: Google Search and See The Human Anatomy in 3D and AR. Using suitable devices, you can now engage with the 3D cell using AR and...

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BioDigital Human | 3D Anatomy Online Visualiser on Google

Google's Augmented reality (AR) in Search lets you bring 3D objects into your space, and now you can even see a heart up close to understand how it pumps blood to provide oxygen. It's akin to taking a virtual trip through the human body. Partnering with BioDigital, Google now allows you to explore the human body systems with AR in Search on mobile. Simply search for circulatory system and tap “View in 3D” to see a heart up close or look up skeletal system to trace the bones in the human body and see how they connect. Read labels on each body part to learn more about it or view life-size images in AR to better understand its scale. What is Available to Explore Human digestive system, respiratory system,...

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Home Fun For Pokémon Fans | Coloring Sheets, Free Episodes and Games!

Discover all the ways you can enjoy Pokémon from the comfort of your home. From cool games to exciting animation to fun activities, Pokémon is never far away. Calling all Pokémon Fans! Even if you cannot go Pokémon hunting on Pokémon Go, there is no stopping you to have fun with your favourite Pokémon! From free episodes of Pokémon on YouTube to coloring sheets, there is something for you to do!  Activities on Pokémon Portal Pokémon Cartoon You can watch "Pokémon: Indigo League" on Youtube. With two episodes released everyday which will be freely available to all for a limited period of time. Time to enjoy the first adventure of Ash and Pikachu! Also Read: 25 Kids-friendly Series and Movies To Watch At Home Printable Activities...

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