I Remember Me | A Short Film To Commemorate 55 Years Of National Service

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In commemoration of 55 years of National Service, So Drama! Entertainment will premiere “I Remember Me”, an English short film directed by local veteran actor Tay Ping Hui.

Availability: Online via POWER 98 LOVE SONGS’s Facebook page 
Date: 20 Jul 2022 onwards

"I Remember Me" is a short film directed by local actor, Tay Ping Hui, to commemorate the 55 years of National Service. The film is available for viewing on POWER 98 LOVE SONGS Facebook. 

About The Film

The film tells the story of how four National Service (NS) buddies Chee How, James, Hassan, and Khushwant band together once more to help their former Basic Military Training (BMT) Sergeant Rudin remember their times together, as his memory fails him. The four friends get creative as they attempt to recreate iconic and memorable scenes from their time in NS, with the hope that Rudin would say “I remember”.

“I Remember Me” is a light-hearted yet heart-warming tribute to lifelong friendships and loyalties forged during NS - qualities that have remained steadfast, even with the passage of time and fading memories.


Photo Credits: So Drama! Entertainment



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