10 Free Things to Do this Sept Holidays with Your Little Ones

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Fill this September holidays with things to do and places to go with your little ones without puncturing a hole in your pocket doing so!

In sunny island Singapore, where it seems like nothing is free, you’ll be surprised to learn how much there is to do for free!

Here are 10 Free Things to Do this Sept Holidays with Your Little Ones!

1. Visit the Central Fire Station

10 Free Things to Do this Sept Holidays with Your Little Ones - Central Fire Station

Step into the lives of our brave Firefighters at the Fire Station Open House held every Saturday of the month.

Your little ones will be thrilled to meet the Firefighting heroes in live, board the fiery red fire engine, use the fire hose, and play with the firefighting equipment. There will also be a demonstration on firefighting.

While many Fire Stations around Singapore are open for a tour, Central Fire Station has a Fire Station Museum where you can take a walk through the history of firefighting.

Previously, we visited the Central Fire Station and had much fun! Read more about our trip here.

Location: Central Fire Station, 62 Hill St, Signapore 179367 (Tour is available at selected Fire Stations)
Date: Every Saturday
Hour: 9 am - 11 am
Admission: FREE

For more information, click here.

Photo credits Government of Singapore

2. Explore Outdoor Playgrounds

10 Free Things to Do this Sept Holidays with Your Little Ones - Admiralty Park Playground

Singapore is chock-full of playgrounds for little ones to run wild at and they’re all free! While there are playgrounds at almost every neighbourhood that doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself to playgrounds near you.

Use this chance to check out playgrounds at other districts! You don’t even have to Google them, our Herculean list is here just for your use!

Looking for a playground where you can let your little ones lose for hours? Then our 10 Best Outdoor Playgrounds You Must Go with Your Little Ones is what you’re looking for!


3. Museum Hop

10 Free Things to Do this Sept Holidays with Your Little Ones - Singapore Art Museum

While you may think a museum visit may only end up in a yawn fest, with so much to fascinate little ones, quite the opposite is truth.

Little ones may not be very interested in the collections of modern art at National Gallery Singapore but the museum also has many activities, programmes and exhibitions that are geared towards them.

A whimsical little museum, Singapore Philatelic Museum is dedicated to enlightening us about Singapore’s postal history and stamps through its quirky exhibitions.

Experience Peranakan history and lifestyle such as the rituals of a traditional Peranakan wedding at the Singapore Peranakan Museum through vibrant artefacts and interactive galleries.

Explore the different cultures and heritage of Asia at one place at the Asian Civilisations Museum and take a walk through the different timelines of Singapore’s history at the National Museum of Singapore.  

Located within walking distance from one another, all you need is one day to tour all five museums!

Photo credits Singapore Tourism Board

4. Practice an Active Lifestyle

10 Free Things to Do this Sept Holidays with Your Little Ones - Woodlands Waterfront Park

This September holiday is the perfect chance to motivate your little ones to lead an active lifestyle.

Take your pick between cycling at Punggol Waterway Park, taking a stroll at Bedok Reservoir Park, jogging at Sengkang Riverside Park and roller skating at Woodlands Waterfront Park with your family.

Surrounded by lush flora with the wind brushing past your face, even working out can be fun!

Photo credits National Parks Board

5. Bait Fishes

10 Free Things to Do this Sept Holidays with Your Little Ones - Bedok Reservoir

One of the most essential virtue in life is patience, and what better outdoor activity teaches patience while you have a quality family time together then fishing. Not only do you pass down a skill to your little ones, you also teach them patience and gain patience in the process.

Places where you can cast your bait are numerous such as Bedok Reservoir Park, Lower Seletar Reservoir and Lower Peirce Reservoir. Fear not if are not well equipped with fishing gears, basic gears are sufficient for a bountiful catch.

Photo credits National Park Boards

6. Have a Greenery Escapade

10 Free Things to Do this Sept Holidays with Your Little Ones - Telok Blangah Hill

Urban lifestyle can really cause much stress for both adults and kids. A visit to nature occasionally will your minds as well as your little ones’.

Singapore is a bustling city with just enough parks, from Telok Blangah Hill Park to Labrador Nature Reserve and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, where you can take a walk to not only uplift your moods but also bond with your family closely as you identify and educate your little ones on our local greenery.

For a more interactive and immersive experience with nature, venture to Singapore Botanic Gardens and Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, where play and nature have converged.                                                                                           

Photo credits National Parks Board

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7. Step into the Tales of Chinese Mythology at Haw Par Villa

10 Free Things to Do this Sept Holidays with Your Little Ones - Haw Par Villa

Vivid coloured statues and dioramas at Haw Par Villa bring to live characters and tales from Chinese mythology, folklore, legends and history that we’ve listened to growing up.

A perfect backdrop for photogenic kids, Haw Par Villa is a place where the Grandparents can share the stories they know and bond with their Grandkids. Practically it’s a 3 generation location.

Location: Haw Par Villa, 262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118628
Date: Daily
Hour: 9 am – 7 pm (last entry: 6 pm)
Admission: FREE

For more information, click here.

Photo credits Singapore Tourism Board

8. Make a Trip to the Kampong Zoo

10 Free Things to Do this Sept Holidays with Your Little Ones - The Animal Resort

A little farm that exudes kampong vibes, The Animal Resort brings you an up and close experience with domesticated animals. From rabbits, guinea pigs and birds, whose names you’ve probably never have heard of, like the Cassowary and Marabou Stork, to chickens, ducks and Pin Number, we don’t mean your password but a retired race horse.

This rustic farm while modest is bound to be a unique adventure, especially for your tiny ones, providing them a glimpse of a time long forgotten.

Purchase some animal feed at the entrance for just $1 per pack before you start exploring to make the most of your trip!

Location: The Animal Resort, 81 Seletar West Farmway 5, Singapore 798061
Date: Daily
Hour: 10 am – 6 pm
Admission: FREE

For more information, click here.

Things to do this Weekend - The Animal Resort

9. Discover a Part of Singapore’s Past at Fort Canning Park

10 Free Things to Do this Sept Holidays with Your Little Ones - Fort Canning Park

Once magnificent royal palaces sat atop this hill, now you’ll find the remains of years long past. From the ruins of a fort, underground tunnels, a Sally Port, and a Fort Gate to an archaeological dig site, an old Christian cemetery and the Fort Canning Lighthouse. 

Wander around Fort Canning Park with your little ones and soak up all the history that lies on this land. This tranquil park is also an ideal location for a casual family picnic.

Location: Fort Canning Park, 70 River Valley Road, Singapore 179037
Date: Daily
Hour: 24 hrs
Admission: FREE

Photo credits Hotels.com

10. Camp Out at Pulau Ubin

10 Free Things to Do this Sept Holidays with Your Little Ones - Pulau Ubin

Forgo spring mattresses and big screen televisions for a romp in the nature.

Gather up your little ones, their grandparents, cousins, nieces and nephews, pack your sleeping bags, food and other essentials, and pitch your tents at Jelutong campsite at Pulau Ubin. With campfire facilities available on site, roasting marshmallows over the camp fire is a must!

Location: Pulau Ubin
Date: Daily
Admission: FREE

Photo credits National Parks Board



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