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Expert Series: An Interview with KidZania Singapore | How to be a Pilot!

We spoke with Mr. Wayne Lim, Acting General Manager of KidZania Singapore, on his thoughts about getting kids to fall in love with flying and aiming to join this prestigious career!  Many of our kids may wish to be pilots when they grow up, but do we know how can we help them achieve the goal or how does one even start the journey to become a pilot. With a full-winged Boeing 737 and an Aviation Academy, we spoke to Mr. Wayne Lim, Acting General Manager of KidZania Singapore, on his thoughts.    How do you suggest we nurture the love for flying among the young? One way to nurture the love for flying among the young is to expose them...

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Expert Series - The Benefits for Exposing Children to Theatre | Shared by Paper Monkey Theatre

Children's Theatre in Singapore has garnered increasing interest over the years. We noticed an increasing number of shows each year as well as growing interest by parents to bring their kids to catch these performances. There are many children theatre festivals happening throughout the year, these add to the vibrancy of the local children's theatre scene and shows are usually well-loved by many families too! But did you know that the National Arts Council also organises the Arts in Your Neighbourhood programme which takes place in March and November each year? Aimed at encouraging Singaporean to embrace arts and culture in their lives, it brings arts experiences into the heartlands and usually involves affordable family and children-friendly performances for the enjoyment of every family!  But...

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Expert Series - Raising Bilingual Children: What does science say?

Raising bilingual children can be incredibly rewarding. Bilingual children have access to new cultural horizons and a wealth of new experiences on account of knowing more than one language. However, building bilingual proficiency can be challenging. Parents often wonder what works and what does not work. Fortunately, childhood bilingualism is a very active area of scientific research both in our laboratory at NUS and in laboratories around the world. So, what does the science tell us? 1. Motivated learners are successful learners One of the most significant challenges in building up our children’s proficiency in another languages is building up their motivation to learn another language. It is important for families to make each language equally engaging, relevant and useful...

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Expert Series: Five things parents should teach their kids to stay safe online

Contributed by Google, Summarised by BYKidO Just like we teach our kids how to drive before handing our kids the keys to the car, it’s helpful to teach younger kids the basics of online safety and citizenship before handing them a device. According to a 2019 survey by Google, children in Singapore as young as eight years old are coming online to play, learn and socialise. However, this exposes them to risks that even adults fall prey to. As our kids start to grow up in a digital world (that even we are not familiar with), its important to try cover the gaps of our knowledge and ensure our children's safety online. Here are some top tips recommended by Google for...

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Expert Series: Why We Should Not Raise an Indoor Generation

Written by Cai Lin Ng On my first weekend back in Singapore, I saw a continuous stream of cars stopping at a lobby of a building at Marine Parade. Children were being dropped off one by one. I turned to my mother, “Why are there so many children?” I asked. After all this building was nondescript, it did not look like there was anything fun going on inside. “Enrichment lah!” She said, clearly surprised at my question. It didn’t end there While hunting for a preschool for my daughter, I realised that outdoor play was not prioritised here. During school tours, principals would talk about their academic curriculum first, before anything else. It does not help that many preschools are...

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