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Halloween 2019: A List of Kids-friendly Spooks & Parties Happening in Singapore

Fall is a time for taking a stroll along a stretch of picturesque trees in shades of red with a cup of spiced tea in your hand. If you’re anywhere else but in Singapore that is. However, since we’re not big on all that here, the next best thing to do in October has got to be enjoying Halloween! You don’t have to sit out on the fun if you have little ones because you’re worried it might be too intense for the tots, for there’s plenty of kids-friendly spooks happening around this little red dot! Here’s a list of all the fun and frightful Halloween parties around the island! Happy trick or treating to all monsters, little and big!...

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Expert Series: Swimming Certification for Your Little Ones – Is It Necessary?

Everyone should learn how to swim, we strongly believe it is a basic life skill to master from young. However, learning to swim and attaining a swimming certification are not the same. So, is a swimming certification really necessary for your little ones? Before we can answer that question, let’s take a look at the types of certifications available for your child. This article is prepared with support from SAFRA FINS Swim School. SwimSafer SwimSafer Programme is the National Water Safety Program launched in 2010, and with a new syllabus (SwimSafer 2.0) introduced in 2018. SwimSafer 2.0 progressively teaches kids about swimming and water safety, awarding them upon completion of each stage, thus motivating them to continue learning and improving...

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