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Expert Series - Raising Bilingual Children: What does science say?

Raising bilingual children can be incredibly rewarding. Bilingual children have access to new cultural horizons and a wealth of new experiences on account of knowing more than one language. However, building bilingual proficiency can be challenging. Parents often wonder what works and what does not work. Fortunately, childhood bilingualism is a very active area of scientific research both in our laboratory at NUS and in laboratories around the world. So, what does the science tell us? 1. Motivated learners are successful learners One of the most significant challenges in building up our children’s proficiency in another languages is building up their motivation to learn another language. It is important for families to make each language equally engaging, relevant and useful...

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Expert Series: Why We Should Not Raise an Indoor Generation

Written by Cai Lin Ng On my first weekend back in Singapore, I saw a continuous stream of cars stopping at a lobby of a building at Marine Parade. Children were being dropped off one by one. I turned to my mother, “Why are there so many children?” I asked. After all this building was nondescript, it did not look like there was anything fun going on inside. “Enrichment lah!” She said, clearly surprised at my question. It didn’t end there While hunting for a preschool for my daughter, I realised that outdoor play was not prioritised here. During school tours, principals would talk about their academic curriculum first, before anything else. It does not help that many preschools are...

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Expert Series: Ramadan Survival Tips - The Savvy Parent

Contrary to popular belief, fasting may involve no eating during the day however it does not necessarily mean one ends up spending smartly in terms of food and drinks in the evening. Most of the times excessive spending occurs when families visit the popular Ramadan bazaars and markets – often tempted by the mouth-watering dishes. With the fasting month of Ramadan coming up soon, Cuponation Singapore shares some handy tips and tricks for parents and kids to enjoy the fasting month all the while spending smartly. *This article was contributed by Atiqah Khamurudin 1. Set a daily Iftar Budget Photo credits Softnade For parents who have just started training their young ones how to fast, it is perfectly understandable how children...

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Expert Series: Swimming Certification for Your Little Ones – Is It Necessary?

Everyone should learn how to swim, we strongly believe it is a basic life skill to master from young. However, learning to swim and attaining a swimming certification are not the same. So, is a swimming certification really necessary for your little ones? Before we can answer that question, let’s take a look at the types of certifications available for your child. This article is prepared with support from SAFRA FINS Swim School. SwimSafer SwimSafer Programme is the National Water Safety Program launched in 2010, and with a new syllabus (SwimSafer 2.0) introduced in 2018. SwimSafer 2.0 progressively teaches kids about swimming and water safety, awarding them upon completion of each stage, thus motivating them to continue learning and improving...

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Expert Series: Keeping Up With The Kids - How To Keep Up With The Young Ones

We’re sure that all parents will probably agree with us when we say keeping up with our little ones can be a draining affair. We will last longer if we’re an energizer bunny but we’re not. Downing mugs of coffee to shock your brain while temporarily effective, is not a healthy option. Then how do we keep up with our young ones? With the help of Watsons Senior Pharmacist, Mr Max Chan, we bring you ways you can keep up with your little ones that doesn’t include excessive dosage of caffeine intake.    What can parents do to boost their energy? Any natural energy boosters? Pixabay For a start, the best way for parents to boost their energy level is...

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