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5 Places Where You can Watch Movies for Free in Singapore

Cozy rooms, comfy seats, wide screens, and a blockbuster movie screening, all makes for a great movie viewing experience. But the ‘ka-ching!’ sound of your dollars slipping away may take away the joy of watching a movie with your loved ones. You could always snuggle up on your couch, in front of your television at no cost, but these 5 places beats staying at home for a movie night and they’re all free! 1. ST3PS | Changi Airport Photo credits The Straits Times Changi Airport’s ST3PS is a communal space where you can catch free movie screenings around the clock! Wide steps as your seats and an ultra-high-definition screen to play your movie, it’s just as good as catching a...

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Expert Series: 5 reasons to visit the Middle East for your next family holiday

Going round the globe, exploring the yet-to-be explored and perceiving different cultures and lifestyle has become much more enticing with ChangiWiFi now being offered in the Middle East and Canada. While having WiFi adds major attractiveness to a destination, you are probably not going to travel just for that. Hence, Changi Recommends brings you - 5 reasons to make a trip to the Middle East with your little ones.  “Wait…What? Middle East?” is probably your first thought after reading the headline of this article. The Middle East does not strike one as a common family destination, however, read on and discover for yourself the reasons why the Middle East should be on your next family bucket list. *This article is...

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