A Good Start: An Initiative by KidSTART that Affirms the Lifelong Influence of a Childā€™s Early Years

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KidSTART inspires Singaporeans to reflect on the lasting impact of their early childhood experiences, and start taking action towards giving children a good start in life.

Early childhood experiences are crucial to a childā€™s long-term cognitive, social and emotional development. Yet, there are still many misconceptions about childrenā€™s development in the early years.

A Good Start, launched by KidSTARTĀ , isĀ a public awareness initiative that aims to highlight the long-term influence of a childā€™s early years on their growth. The initiative looks to spotlight the significance of a childā€™s early years by inviting Singaporeans to reflect on their own early childhood experiences.

In reflecting on their own early years, KidSTART hopes it will bring out a newfound understanding of the lasting impact the first few years can have on childrenā€™s lives and will inspire Singaporeans to take action in supporting childrenā€™s holistic development during the pre-school ages. Such support is especially critical for children in lower income families.

As part of the A Good Start initiative, a three-part video series will be released on KidSTARTā€™s social media pages to demonstrate the lasting impact of a parentā€™s active involvement in their childā€™s early years.

Titled ā€œA Good Start: Heart-to-Heartā€, the video series will feature notable parenting influencers such as Charmaine Seah-Ong and Azzah Fariha, as well as KidSTART beneficiaries in intimate conversations alongside their family members about their early childhood years.


The first video in the series featuring Charmaine Seah-Ong and her father,Ā Phillip Seah, has been launched on KidSTARTā€™s Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and the other two videos will be launched subsequently in February and March.Ā 

To extend the conversation around the long-term influence of oneā€™s early years, the initiative will also invite Singaporeans from all walks of life to share their personal reflections and experiences of what their parents did in early years that had a lasting impact on them under the hashtag #ThankYouForAGoodStart.

For more information on KidSTART, visitĀ here.Ā 

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