Google Maps Launches Cycling Directions in Singapore

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Singapore is the first country in Southeast Asia to enjoy the Cycling Directions feature on both desktop and mobile (Android/ IOS) for Google Maps users.

Since the pandemic, Google Search Trends for cycling routes has jumped by 75% from 2020 and surged by 400% from 2019. Judging from the cyclists we see in the parks, families do make up a significant group of cyclists too! 

In case you are keen, you may also find a list of kids friendly parks and trails for your family to cycle too!

Over 6,800 km of Cycling Data On Google Maps

Google Maps has unveiled its new cycling navigation feature in Singapore, which spans across 6,800 km of cycling trails and biking directions. The data provides a helpful option for Singaporean cyclists and includes step-by-step cycling directions, an island-wide network of linear green corridors linking major parks and nature areas across Singapore, dedicated cycling paths and recommended bicycle-friendly roads.

Also, to avoid any accidents, the cycling mode will also help users avoid expressways and tunnels, which pose a danger to cyclists and is an offence under the Road Traffic Act.

Planning Your Cycling Route

To plan your cycling route, you can use Google Maps as per the existing walking, driving and public transport options on Google Maps. Cyclists can explore different cycling routes, track their trip progress with turn-by-turn navigation, receive ETA updates in real-time, and find out the elevation of the route to stay focused on the road.

Is it time to plan your next cycling route? Tell us what you think of this new feature in our Community Forum! 


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