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7 Immunity Boosting Ingredients and Recipes to Prepare with the Kids at Home | Home Activities for Families

Keeping the kids healthy is always on the mind of every parent. What if we can combine a fun family activity with boosting the immunity of our little ones?   We have prepared a list of 7 recipes using immunity boosting ingredients that you may prepare with love while having fun together as a family!  Almond- Cherry Bars Why: Almonds contain vitamin E and manganese, both of which are immunity-boosting nutrients. These Almond- Cherry bars will be the perfect healthy snack for the whole family! Difficulty: Easy, 15 mins preparation time  Kids can help with: preparing the ingredients, mixing and pouring, and cutting into bite-sized bars Get the recipe here.  Triple- Berry Popsicle Why: Berries are full of anti-oxidants, an excellent source...

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