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Things to do with Your Kids During May School Holidays 2020

This year, June holidays have shifted to May, traveling is still not possible (yet) and the playgrounds remain closed. Watching Cartoon Network and kid-friendly series can keep the kids entertained but that’s not all you can do from home. We’ve rounded up a list of activities and things you can do with your kids to pass your days without feeling bored or stuffy. Read Books & Tune into Storytelling Sessions Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are [Mason Cooley] and what better time to let your mind go on adventures to places far away than now when you have to stay at home? Source: Amazon Now that you’ve decided to read, the question...

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7 Places to Get STEAM Kits in Singapore for Kids

If you didn’t already know, STEAM is an interdisciplinary educational approach that integrates the topics across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to provide a balanced education. STEAM toys and kits provide a great way for children to learn through open-ended play. Not only do they encourage critical thinking and pique your little ones’ interest in learning, but they’re also fun to play with!  Here are 7 places you can get STEAM kits and toys in Singapore for your kids! 1. Explorer Junior Source: Explorer Junior Explorer Junior has a selection of STEAM Learning Kits that are suitable for little explorers from ages 4 to 6 years. Each kit comes with a guide and introduces different principles to little ones....

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4 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation at Home with Your Kids

You’ve gone on virtual tours, you’ve tried your hands on a variety of DIY sets, what else can you do with your family without leaving your house? Have a homecation is what you can do. And what vacation is complete without a trip to the beach? Here are 4 ways you can enjoy a beach vacation at home with your kids after all, desperate situations call for desperate measures! 1. Get Beach Backgrounds Source: Desktopimages Sometimes you can only make do with what you have and if it means tricking your brain into thinking you’re on the sandy shores of a tropical beach, why not? Download free beach wallpapers and use it as your background while you sip on coconut...

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#Couple-Homecation: 5 Cool Things to do with Your Spouse at Home

Spending quality time, relaxing, and engaging with your loved one is important. We understand that even if you’re stuck at home together, the both of you might be busy with your respective works, which is why we’re bringing you this list of 5 cool things to do with your spouse at home! You can keep your little ones busy with things like DIY sets, activity sheets, and online games or put them to bed before your date at home. 1. Prepare Breakfast Together Source: Pexels One of the perks of vacationing has got to be the array of breakfast options, whether you choose to eat at the hotel or a cute café down the street, your choices are plenty. An...

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Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation

You’ve probably been on vacations and staycations with your family but now, it’s time for a Homecation, it’s similar to vacation and close to a staycation.   With circuit breaker measures still in place, the things you can do with your kids during these holidays have probably shrunk considerably, which is why we’re bringing you this ultimate guide to enjoying a family homecation!  1. Pack Your Bags Source: The Honest Company/Unsplash How can you go on holiday without packing your bags? Even if it’s one you’re having at home! So, the first step is to get your suitcases out and throw in your essentials. Then roll it into your room and plop down on your bed like you’ve just checked...

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