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7 Places to Get STEAM Kits in Singapore for Kids

If you didn’t already know, STEAM is an interdisciplinary educational approach that integrates the topics across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to provide a balanced education. STEAM toys and kits provide a great way for children to learn through open-ended play. Not only do they encourage critical thinking and pique your little ones’ interest in learning, but they’re also fun to play with!  Here are 7 places you can get STEAM kits and toys in Singapore for your kids! 1. Explorer Junior Source: Explorer Junior Explorer Junior has a selection of STEAM Learning Kits that are suitable for little explorers from ages 4 to 6 years. Each kit comes with a guide and introduces different principles to little ones....

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Frozen 2 Arrives In Singapore | Movie, Toys, Merchandise and More!

Frozen, the worldwide hit animation by Disney that has captured the hearts of little girls (and little boys, and their parents too) will be back on the 21st of November 2019! The sequel, Frozen 2, follows Elsa and Anna on an adventure away from the kingdom of Arendelle!  Frozen 2 in Singapore With such a huge following, we take a look at the various Frozen 2 "happenings" that you may expect in Singapore! No snow, but lots of Frozen merchandises!   Events Disney: Magic of Animation ArtScience Museum26 Oct 2019 - 29 Mar 2020 Original artworks of Frozen 2 will debut at this exhibition, even before the release of the movie. Tickets are already available, and you may get them here. ...

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BYKidO Experts Series: Must-have Toys To Build Pretend Play

By playFULL Box As therapists, we work with toys on a daily basis to develop a range of skills in young children. Pretend play skills is one of the skills we often work on. The ability to pretend play is crucial in a child’s development and is linked to language, higher-thinking, social and emotional skills. Studies have shown that kids with better pretend play skills when they are 3-4 are more likely to have better language and advanced thinking skills at ages 8-9. The more complex a child’s pretend play, the better! We have our favourite set of go-to toys when working with our little ones to develop their pretend play skills. These toys often have a few things in...

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