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7 Children’s Day Gift Ideas to Impress Your Kids

With Children’s Day coming soon, we put your mind at ease with gift ideas that you can’t go wrong with!  If you’re wandering the great wide web in search of gift ideas for little ones for this Children’s Day, look no further! We’ve compiled 7 gift ideas that are sure to impress your kids! 1. Children’s Books Source: Simon & Schuster The best thing about books is that they allow you to travel anywhere you want and become anyone; a hero, a poet, an astronaut, a wizard, anything really. You can give your little ones the gift of adventure by cultivating the habit of reading from a young age.  Aside from Times and Kinokuniya, you can also get a book...

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7 Last Minute Gift Ideas to Impress Your Kids With this Children's Day

Tick Tock, Children’s Day is in just a few days! And if you left shopping for gifts till last minute and are now panicking because you've yet to actually get it done, panic no more, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of easy and creative gifts for kids that you can assemble in a short time! 1. Craft Box Rather than just buying your little ones individual crayons and markers, you can put them together to create a fun craft box that they can experiment with. You can fill it with colorful crayons, markers, construction paper, glitter (if you’re going down this path, be prepared to see glitter everywhere, from your cups to your hair and ears!),...

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