Gift Mummy An Infinite Wardrobe This Christmas with Style Theory!

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Style Theory is a fashion rental platform that gives women the freedom to experiment with their style and rent an infinite wardrobe.

Daddies! Are you looking for the perfect gift for your wife this Christmas? Or perhaps Mummies, are you looking for something to gift yourself as a reward to celebrate this year-end festivities!

Do check out Style Theory, a circular fashion rental platform that allows mummies to pick clothings, wear them, and swap them for new ones with a monthly subscription from just $79!

Choose from over 72,000 Clothing Pieces

The subscription service currently house over 72,000+ clothing pieces from designer and slow fashion brands from all over the world, like Singapore-based luxury fashion brand, Nimisski, to Australian contemporary slow fashion brand, TORANNCE. 

You are solving the issue of "I have nothing to wear", and being sustainable at the same time! Style Theory's sustainability alliance with fashion brands ensures that every piece that is available to rent on Style Theory is luxurious, sustainably-sourced, ethically-made, and carefully produced to ensure that they all last a lifetime.

A New Piece Every Week - For Every Occasion

Winnie, has been with Style Theory for 7 years and counting. During the lockdown, she continued with her apparel subscription because she found so much joy in getting her Style Theory box and receiving new clothes every week, so she'd rent casual, work-from-home pieces that she'd wear for Zoom meetings or even just for a trip to the grocery store.

For New Mummies And Mummies To Be

Style Theory subscriber, Jenny, is makeup artist and a new mum who has been a subscriber with Style Theory before she even had kids. Between getting pregnant and giving birth, she found that her body weight fluctuated a lot, making it not only difficult to find clothes that fit her but also impractical to buy any new ones as her body changed a lot from pregnancy to post-partum.

With Style Theory, she was always able to rent clothes that fit her and made her feel confident throughout maternity. Style Theory carries a wide range of clothes for mothers and mothers-to-be. Just one of our latest fashion partner is a slow fashion maternity brand, Isabella Oliver, that makes exquisitely crafted, functional clothing that makes the adjustment to and from motherhood as smooth and comfortable as possible without compromising on style.

How It Works

You start by building your first box with 3 pieces that you can select from their website. This is delivered to you and you can wear them as you please. You can return the clothings and get new ones in your next box at the same time too! 

You can even cancel at anytime! So gift yourself (or your spouse) the first box, and even if you are not happy, you can just simply cancel the subscription too!

TIP: Daddies, maybe you like to consider putting aside the subscription fee every month as a gift for your wife for the entire subscription period. Happy wife, happy life!

Subscription Plans

There are 3 plans and they differ by the number of boxes you will receive at your doorstep each month. Each box comes with 3 pieces of clothings and you can choose to roll over unused boxes for up to 6 months. 

  • Capsule Plan - 2 Boxes per month @ $89¬†
  • Essentials Plan - 3 Boxes per month @ $129
  • Ultimate Plan - 4 Boxes per month @ $159

Find out more about the subscription plans. 


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